Summer is Here! 

So you know what that means … beach! 

I was surfing again for more ideas for a beach cover-up, but I’m falling back to the ones that I found last year.  I usually go on a pattern obsession, until I get tired of the pattern, or I make a really nice piece from the pattern. Then it’s on to the next. 😬

One thing I said I would do for this summer is a long skirt. So when I got the Ice yarn, I started on this. 

I was going to make another top, with the gradually changing colours. Then I changed my mind and decided the colour changes would look better on a skirt. 

So now, the waist (the white part) is about two inches wider than my waist, but I could always fix that with a drawstring or garter waist. 

And as usual, it started with a pattern, but now I’m just winging it with a combination of stitches. Looking like it’s getting narrower, so hoping that it will stretch after wet blocking it – wait, is that for the weaving projects? Either way, it’s going to be soaked and blocked after it’s done, so it can kind of fit me 😑

So that’s the project for the summer. I should be finishing this up soon, and will actually get to use it before summer is over. And I’m already looking for the next project  … maybe another beach top? 😄

What are you working on for the summer? 

Snowflakes on the Beach

Hope everybody had a safe Fourth of July.

We hit the beach early, thinking that it would be crowded because it was one of those hazy, hot and humid days.  There was a good crowd, but not as much as we thought.  And so I settled down with my cappuccino, book, iPad (to check on the Wimbledon scores or watch a game or two), and my projects in my new bag – the one I won from the Haiti Crochet Project.  It’s roomy, lightweight and sturdy.  Check out the Etsy shop and help the women of Haiti.

Inside the bag is a new project that I wanted to start.  Crocheted snowflakes, for the tree this year.

I thought that maybe it was time to hang crocheted snowflakes on the Christmas tree this year, for something different.  I bought the book about two months ago, when there was a sale (Mother’s Day, I think).  I got the RH Fashion Thread – I think that it will twinkle nicely when the lights hit the flakes.  I’ll probably make a few with fine thread as well – my son said that snowflakes are supposed to be white, so I should make them in white. I’m thinking about a hundred flakes will be enough for the trees? 

So, as we packed up this morning, I pulled out a ball of thread and the hook from the closet.  It wasn’t until I got to the beach and settled down that I found out that it was the wrong size hook.  aarrghhh It was two sizes too small.

I went ahead and crocheted, anyway.  A little slow-going at the beginning, and picots galore.  I made these first four in just over an hour.  

The finished flakes sort of looked like the picture in the book.  I’ll block it later – oh my, I just realized that I’m going to have a lot of flakes to block! oh-kaaayyy …..

At the end of the day, I only managed to finish one more flake.  Five down, 95 to go.

Knitting at the Beach

Back at the beach again.
I decided to pick up the project that I had started but didn’t get anywhere with it.

So now it’s knit two rows, two rows ribbed (knit two, purl two). Repeat until I run out of yarn.
So far it’s looking okay.


Okay, time for lunch. Then uninterrupted time under the umbrella.