Enabler Shoppers

I finally made it to Michael’s and Joann’s (the craft stores here). ¬†And that’s because SIL is here, and of course it’s always exciting to go yarn shopping with another enabler … errr .. fellow shopper ūüôā

I didn’t realize how many bags we had between us, until I looked in the back seat …


OMG … did we really buy so much??

Here’s a tip for all yarn shoppers … don’t go for long periods without going into the yarn/craft shops, even if it is just to see what’s new and feel all the new yarn and textures that’s out there. ¬†Because when you finally get to go out, this is what happens … lol

For me, my main goal was to get two more balls of the Red Heart Treasure and the Impeccable Loops and Thread in grey and white, to finish off the languishing WIPs that I unearthed a couple of weeks ago. ¬†And guess what … they’re discontinued !! ¬†horrors ! ¬†I couldn’t find them at Michaels, or maybe I didn’t see them, because these Caron Big Cakes were in my way …


These Big Cakes are big ! Oh, bad photo – there’s nothing to compare them with. ¬†I’ll show comparisons next time. ¬†Anyway … they’re over 500 yds each, and all acrylic – which was kind of a let down for me, I thought they might have the same 20% wool as the original cakes. ¬†But I’m off-setting it against the additional yardage.

I picked up the Cookie Crumble (the grey/white) off the shelf, and picked up what I thought was another cake of the same colour. ¬†It wasn’t, and I didn’t realize it until I took it out of the bag to take a pic of the yarn haul. ¬†But I’m thinking that it’s close enough to the grey/white, so that if I alternated rows/rounds while working with it that it would not be noticeable. ¬†*sigh* ¬†I was thinking of making another jacket/coat with it, but we’ll see what it evolves into, when I start working with it.

I picked up the other two colours with the plan to mix and match them already. ¬†The colours are close enough. ¬†I’m thinking maybe a squarish/rectangular poncho. ¬†Hmmm … maybe one colour for the front, and another for the back. ¬†That might be interesting …

By the way, I haven’t stopped starting WIPs … I’ve got a couple more started … more on that later … I need to organize this yarn haul first …





Weekend Non-Projects  

It’s the first day of spring !!

Happy Spring!! ¬†Yaaayyy – It actually feels like spring today, with the temperatures actually warming up later today. ¬†Then it’s back to winter on Wednesday, with a forecast of snow …

I’m still on the hunt for a crochet project for National Crochet Month. ¬†I’ll even settle for a knit project for National Craft month instead ūüėČ

So with spring and warmer weather on the mind, I picked up a skein of¬†Prism, because I liked the colours – when it was wound up in a ball/skein. ¬†Now that I’m working on it, these colours are not calling to me. ¬†Maybe it’s the wrong pattern. ¬†I don’t think I’m continuing with this … By the way, I’m almost done with this ball, and this shawl is barely wrapping around my shoulders. ¬†So definitely the wrong pattern, because you’re supposed to get a decent sized shawl with just one ball, right? ¬†Or not?

Last night – at midnight, actually, because I wasn’t really sleepy yet and was browsing Pinterest¬†and also it was at that moment that I decided that I wanted to try something – I started this. ¬†I’d been wanting to work with the Caron Cakes in¬†Pistachio, but wasn’t sure what to make of it. ¬†I thought maybe a summer poncho in a lacy pattern would look good with this, since it’s a worsted¬†weight yarn. ¬†Another variation of a pattern, or more of two patterns combined. ¬†*sigh* ¬†I’m liking the pattern – which I’m making up as I go along – but now thinking that it may be a bit heavy for summer … Needs to be more lacy …


We’ll see. ¬†I haven’t given up on it yet. ¬†I have another two cakes, so I hope it’s enough for the poncho. ¬†Or wrap. ¬†Or something that can be done with three cakes, because I’m being good and it’s not time to buy yarn yet ūüôā

And I saw the Rick Rack Rib stitch last week, and had to try it out. ¬†I thought I had ‘memorized’ the pattern when I first saw it, but found out later that I was missing a k1 or a p1 in between the rick racks. ¬†The darker colour is the wrong stitch, although I’m sort of liking that too. ¬†The red colour is the correct sequence.

This is becoming a sampler of practice knit stitches ¬†That’s the herringbone in the grey part, that I had to try a couple of weeks ago. ¬† And I can’t remember what I was doing with the darker red colour. ¬†It started out with practice on the mesh/lace stitch, but I don’t know what happened in between. ¬†And I didn’t want to frog, because it didn’t look bad, and also because I don’t like to frog knit projects because I can’t pick up the correct number of stitches again after that :o)


And that’s my non-projects for the weekend. ¬†They may or may not be frogged – well, the first one is definitely going to be frogged and turned into something else. ¬†And I’m set on working on the¬†Pistachio and finishing something with it, and perhaps have it ready for another out-of-state soccer tournament in a couple of weeks. And the knit sampler – well, that’s probably going to sit until I see another knit stitch that I want to practise on ūüôā

Have a good spring day!



Happy National Crochet Month !

It’s national crochet month ! ¬† yaaayyy !!

So it means I can crochet all day, every day, for a month !! ¬†lol … I wish !

I usually start a crochet project to celebrate the month, but this year, I totally forgot about it until I saw mention of it on another blog.  *gasp!*

This is one of my most popular projects using the¬†Nancy’s Waves pattern (available in Ravelry), from some years ago. ¬†I saw it pop up on Pinterest, and only just found out that it’s been pinned¬†over 2,000 times !! ¬†I didn’t realize it’s been floating around out there!
Thanks, everybody !



So now, I’m in the hunt for a good project to start for the year. ¬†Or maybe I should finish the crochet WIPs that I have …

This is my newest yarn obsession … the Shawl in a Ball from Lion Brand. ¬†I’m trying out the metallic version in¬†Prism. ¬†So far, none of the patterns I’ve tried out has stayed on the hooks and needles, so I’m looking around for patterns again. ¬†I’m toying with the idea to make another¬†Nancy’s Waves with this yarn, but it may be a bit thin …

One project that has stayed on the hook is this … a circular top or vest, which is going to end up as a summer or beach cover-up. ¬†As soon as I saw the Restful Rainbow colours in the Shawl in a Ball, I wanted it to be a beach cover-up. ¬†I just have the last rows in a mesh stitch to finish up, and I’m done. ¬†Somehow, I’m delaying on finishing it up, don’t know why. There’s a lot of experimentation still going on, since as usual, I’ve deviated from the pattern …. *sigh*

A few finished projects with the Caron Cakes … two ponchos in the same pattern, one to fit a child, and one to fit me. ¬†Again, some adjustments made to the original pattern, but they’ve both turned out well, so it’s all good. The pattern is the¬†Toasty Poncho from Red Heart, which is available on Ravelry.

Well then, I seem to be able to finish up projects after all ! ¬† lol ¬†Sometimes with all the WIPs, it looks like I never finish anything! ¬†It’s always good to get your projects together once in a while, just to see what you’ve done.

Have a good and safe weekend, everybody!



Poncho Capelet


I finally finished the cowl poncho capelet, made with the Caron Cakes in Red Velvet, and got my office colleague to model it … after which she walked off with it! ¬†lol ¬†I thought she might like this.

I fell in love with the Red Velvet colours when I saw the ball of yarn, and it didn’t turn out too bad worked into a project. ¬†As I’ve said before, the Caron Cakes work well with round patterns and designs, and you don’t notice the colour changes too much.

And since this is a new pattern that I’m obsessed with, I’ve already started another one, but this time in thinner yarn. ¬†This one is not draping as much as I want it to. ¬†Maybe it was because the increases were too gradual, so it didn’t drape or make too many folds. ¬†And maybe a bigger size hook would be better.

And as usual, I started off following a pattern, then branched off and tweaked instead. ¬†Maybe I should have stuck with the pattern, because now I think the stitches and pattern are too ‘solid’ – not as lacy (which would help the drapiness and make folds in the cape).


Not too bad for an experiment. ¬†I’m already halfway through the other colourway – Cookies and Cream – so I’ll change the stitches of that one to a more lacy pattern, with a bigger hook, and maybe that one will drape better.

Can’t wait to start the weekend for more experiments!

Good weekend, all!


Obsessed With Cakes …

Caron Cakes, that is.

On the last day of our vacation, photos of these cakes started filling up my newsfeed.  A new yarn! five colours in a ball!  and see how huge they are!  (yes, they were huge balls – they covered my face).  I had to get out to Michael’s (who was carrying them exclusively) as soon as I could.  But not knowing when that would be, I went online to order … and before I could finish the purchase, colours and amounts I had chosen were slowly running out of stock!  I managed to get two colours …

Miraculously, the chance presented itself the next day … my son had an early morning soccer practice session, and asked if I could drop him off … Well, now .. early morning wake-up on the day after we get back from vacation, having arrived late the previous night?  I really wanted to sleep-in for another hour or two … but then, what better time to go to Michaels?  The boys didn’t even notice that I wasn’t grumbling about getting out for a practice session so early …

I was one of the first three customers that morning at Michael’s, and I made a bee-line to the cakes … Well, I sort of twisted from one aisle to the other, trying not to make it obvious, I don’t know why.  And this is what I found …


I thought I was too late already!!  but as I paid at the cashier’s, 14088669_1090366064351676_7338846668569125064_nI was told that there were more boxes in the back, and that they would be stocking up the shelves later that afternoon,
so I should return later in the day.  Well, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to return later that afternoon … I settled myself with four colours.  I wasn’t sure if I liked how that lime/green/purple combination would turn out, so I didn’t get that.  ha!  See?  I don’t buy all the yarn on the shelves!

I did have a project in mind this time, and why I wanted those Boston and Butter cream colours … I thought it was time to make that poncho-capelet. So I started …


… And found out that it was more of a self-striping yarn than a gradient.  Actually, I don’t know if I really thought of it as slow-changing colours.  I did expect some sort of transition from colour to the other, but there weren’t any.  Well, maybe for one or two stitches only, then the colours change.  However, on looking at what I had so far, I wasn’t seeing any abrupt colour changes that was bothering me, and so I continued.

Over the weekend, I got a chance to go to Michael’s again … and this time, the shelves were better stocked … yaaayyy!!  What a difference!  So I got some more new colours to add to the collection … but still none of that lime/green/purple cake …

Out of all the cakes, this is the one that has caught my eye .. the Red Velvet.  And so of course, I start a project with the pattern that I’m currently obsessed with …


LoL  … have you ever been obsessed with a pattern and make it with different yarns and colours?  Well, this is fast becoming one of those … And I need to finish one of these soon!