Mystery Knits

Since I have successfully participated in two crochet-a-long challenges – meaning that I started and finished the items – I decided that maybe I should come out of my comfort zone and try a knit-along this time. I think that with the little I know about knitting that I will be able to keep up with the project.

Of course, there is no shortage of knit along projects. And at the time I was looking for one to join, I came upon the Sage Yarn Mystery Knit Along. It sounds easy enough, so I signed up . And a bonus! It only cost $8.00, which is really just for the pattern, and sounds a lot. But I signed up for other crochet CALs (I’ll write about those in a separate post) which cost a lot more than that, so I was quite happy about the $8.   Getting the first set of instructions, I need six skeins of sport weight yarn in six different colours – yep, I must have six of the same yarn brand in my stash. I looked at the Special Abbreviations to see if there were any particular stitches there that I would find troublesome and didn’t find any. A pattern comes out every week, so the blocks are only about five inches in measurement.

So I went digging in my stash this weekend. I should say digging through part of the stash – as in the stash that I could get my hands on. The rest of the stash is still up in the attic … That’s for another day.

One problem about digging through the stash is that you discover all the other yarn that you put away … which reminds you that you bought that particular yarn to try that particular project … or else now you know what project to use that yarn for … or that you actually have enough yarn to use for that project that you’ve even eyeing and so you don’t need to go shopping for yarn for that project … *sigh* … ok, put away the yarn again, and look for sport weight yarn in six different colors ….

I came up with this – Cascade 220, which I had bought a long time ago.


When I first discovered Cascade Yarns, it was ‘the’ yarn of the year for me. I had bought some skeins off Craigslist from someone who had finished knitting her blanket and was getting rid of her extra skeins, and couldn’t believe how soft it was … I went on eBay, and sure enough, there were several sales going on, and look, somebody was selling twelve skeins at a decent price …

After much thinking about the color pairings, I decided to start off with the brown heather and orange.  The brown had some reddish flecks in it, which doesn’t really come out in the photos.  And this is what the first block pattern looks like.


I think this is what it’s supposed to look like.  The pattern looks right.  I was searching online if anybody had posted about their first block but couldn’t find any.  Guess that’s why it’s a mystery?  lol


Anyway, I shall continue knitting.  The second block pattern came out already, and the third block pattern will be coming out this week, so I better catch up before it gets away from me … I’ll let you know what kind of progress I’ve made …

To Pinterest or Not

I noticed since last year that I was getting a lot visitors to the blog from Pinterest, mainly for the Reds Waves Scarf.  Many thanks to all who pinned from my blog onto their boards.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that this particular item was so popular out there.

Now, while I browse through Pinterest every now and then to look for ideas, I have not joined in the pinning mania.  It does look like a good way to collect and organize all those ideas into boards, for future reference.  But it’s so easy to lose track of time and spend hours looking at all those boards. Plus, I get so many ideas and inspiration on what to do next, or what to try next, or to add on the to-do list that is now a mile long …  and I get a little depressed at the end of those two hours or so looking at all those beautiful crafts that everybody has the time to make and how they’re so good at making all those items …

This is what others have pinned from my blog.  There’s a lot of the same images and posts on it, which is probably pinned from other boards.

Pinterest board


So, do I really need another site to manage and maintain?

According to today’s WordPress News, maybe I do.  We all want some traffic on our blog, right?  So, the more your blog content is out there, the more people will see it and (maybe) click to read your blog.  hmmm ….

I’m going to have to think about this some more.  This is going to cut in on the increasingly diminishing quota of minutes that I have to sit in front of a monitor …

For now, I’ve added a Pinterest button to the posts.  So now you can pin to your board, if you like.  I’m still undecided about using Pinterest … or maybe I’m just over-thinking it.  Maybe I should start pinning and see how it goes …


Poppy Fields

These were the colours that introduced me to Cascade Casablanca – Poppyfields.


I’d had the yarn all wound up for some time now, and was looking for the ‘perfect’ pattern to use it with.  But no one pattern really inspired me, but I wanted to work with it and so I picked up the ball of  yarn when we had a mini roadtrip for one of the soccer games.   Do you ever feel that?  You just want to play with the yarn, even though you don’t know what you’ll make out of it.  Maybe that’s why I have so many WIPs …

My fingers eventually settled on a pattern – what I call the biased basketweave pattern, and I thought that it would show up the colour changes nicely.   The pattern is actually called ‘Not Entirely Entrelac’, which I’d found while browsing for a good beginner pattern to learn entrelac.  I still have to complete an entrelac project, but in the meantime, I use this.

I’ve been working on this during the work commutes as well – and I’ve had to frog a few lines now and then, as we go into the tunnel and I’m plunged into darkness in the middle of a row.  Why I never remember to turn on the overhead lights, I don’t know.


I’m almost done with it.  I forgot that I had another skein, and didn’t make this wide enough for a cowl.  So maybe it’ll be a long scarf instead.   We’ll see where my mood takes me.

Reds Waves Cowl Finished

The Reds Waves Cowl, which I had started for National Crochet Month,  is finally done!


I finished the Reds Waves Cowl past midnight over the weekend.  I couldn’t wait till the morning to take a photo, so I snapped one before I went to bed to see what and how it looked like.  So this is what it looked like, hanging from my neck.


Here are better photos, taken in daylight.  It’s a little long for a wrap-around the neck cowl, and not long enough to twist twice around the neck. The width is long enough to cover your head, if needed, and I think that was the basis for my continuing to crochet it in these measurements.


I was worrying a bit about the colour sequence when I had to start a new ball of yarn. There’s a slight shift in the colour changes, but not noticeable. I also tried to match the single crochets to the trebles above it, but there were times when it didn’t, even though the count was correct. So I just went ahead with the row. You may notice that the waves don’t match, if you look closely.

When joining the two ends together, I used the same single crochet in back loop only.   It added an extra ridge to the pattern stitch sequence, which I think doesn’t look too bad.


Really pleased with the way this has turned out.  Now, if only my other ‘improvised and modified’ projects would work out so well!

The Downton Abbey Cowl

I finished watching the Downton Abbey marathon weeks ago, but I was enjoying knitting this pattern with the yarn so much, that I didn’t want to stop working on it.  But I couldn’t let it sit there for long, knowing that the end was in sight.  And so I picked it up again, and finally finished it off.


I’m still loving those colours; my eyes are still drawn to it, each time I look at the cowl.  There was a slight shift in the colour sequence, as I started a new ball.  But you don’t really notice it, unless you’re sitting there scrutinizing each row.


I really like how the pattern – the knit linen stitch – really worked well with the yarn and the colours.  I’m sure that any other variegated yarn will work well with the stitch, but I do think that long colour changes works better than short colour changes.  The beauty of the yarn and the colours will be highlighted, as it did here.  I’m thinking that short colour changes will result in choppy pattern changes, but I could be wrong; I’ll have to start on one and see how it goes.


The finished length, even though joined at the ends, was still a good four feet long (which meant around eight to nine  feet long, if it hadn’t been joined).  It’s enough to twist loosely around the neck twice, without feeling choked up.   I don’t mind it long, actually, it’s an extra layer to keep me warm in front since I always feel cold.

I do find the wool a little scratchy, probably from the mohair?  So it’s not that soft against the skin, but it’s tolerable.


I’m enjoying wearing it, for these last days of cold weather.  Next year I can wear it for longer periods … unless someone begs it off from me!

Reds Waves

Progress made on my project for National Crochet Month, which I had posted about earlier.

I finished the first ball of Cascade Casablanca Reds, and am winding up the second hank.  I think I’m going to call this my Reds Waves Cowl.  I know, I know … another cowl.  But it’s too wide (about 14 inches) and too short (about four feet) for a scarf.

I was lucky that I hit on the correct number of stitches, and the colour changes are aligning themselves up nicely 🙂   I say lucky, because I just started chaining, and when I liked the length, I stopped and started on the pattern.  I was already imagining it as horizontal wave pattern, with a diagonal colour change, which I thought would look good.  But this is good too.


Now I’m trying to decide if I should just continue the colour sequence, or start from the beginning of the row with whatever colour the new ball of yarn starts with …

National Crochet Month

March is National Crochet Month.
Does that mean I can spend the rest of the month crocheting all day?   *sigh*  How I wish I could …

Here’s what’s on my hooks right now.


I picked up the Cascade Casablanca Reds ball, and started another project  Hopeless, aren’t I?  Now I’ve added another WIP to the pile, instead of reducing it!  (Do you think I have ADHD?)

The pattern is ‘Nancy’s Waves Scarf‘, which is available on Ravelry.  You can adjust according to the yarn type, width, etc.

Oh, and this is was my photo for the CKphotoaday, which I posted about yesterday, but changed it to the Linen Stitch one at the last minute.  Go on over and join us. I’m sure we can all find something crochet or knit related for a photo!