In A Tizzy

I’ll be travelling to San Diego tomorrow, and I’ve been dreaming of the five hours of uninterrupted yarn time I’ll get flying to and fro.

I’m in a tizzy and my head has been going round and round for the past week, thinking about what to take with me on the plane, and what to pack in the suitcase.

Will I have time to visit yarn stores over there?  Do I start a new project on the plane?  I’ve been itching to start something with this … I was thinking of a lattice crocheted cowl, or try a new knitted pattern with this. 

How many of the WIPs do I take with me?   Maybe now is a good time to take inventory of  the WIPs lying around, and bring them along with me.  I’m sure I’ll make a lot of progress with them, by the time I fly back home …

Here’s how much I’ve done on this not-quite-entrelac scarf.  I’m getting more comfortable with knitting this pattern,  
even though I found a mistake early on, but decided not to frog it.  I just made it part of the pattern, and it has fitted in.

And the WIP that I recently re-discovered?  I frogged that too, and started on a new pattern – the Baktus scarf.  This is what it looks like so far.  

Another crocodile stitch scarf that I’m playing around with, using two colors.  A bit bright, but  I think it works together.

So now that I’ve narrowed it down to these, I better start packing the suitcase.  If you ask me, I’d pack it full with yarn and WIPs.  Don’t you think?


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Stitching Crocs

The new stitch/pattern for the year was the crocodile stitch.  So I went searching for the pattern, and found a good YouTube tutorial – apologies, but I can’t remember the link of the wonderful person who provided it for free.  When I find out, I will update this.

I tried out the stitch in several yarns and projects … *sigh* … no wonder I have so many WIP’s !!