A Treat for Me

My Christmas present to myself …
Cascade Casablanca.

Last year, I kept seeing the Poppy Field scarf picture and pattern everywhere so I just had to look for the yarn. I was trying not to tempt myself, I knew that it was going to be on the higher price range than I usually buy. But I couldn’t resist … And saw two other colour ways that I liked. *sigh* so much for my yarn budget. So I thought why not treat myself for Christmas.


Last week while browsing, I saw another colour way that caught my eye … Which led me to Etsy … And to Koigu. More trouble.


These are mini-skeins of Koigu. Since there’s only about 12 yards if each mini-skein, this will be another scarf or cowl. Oh! Maybe I can use these for the Temperature Scarf! Hmmmm ….


Tin-Foil Hat

I found this posted on Facebook … an Etsy shop (Spindlecat) selling a knitted tin-foil hat, among other things.  Custom-made for you, starting at US$200.


So, I wonder how boxes of aluminium foil it would take to make one of these.  I suppose one would have to pull out a yard at a time, and then crimp it.  But then how many ends would there be?  And will the foil tear?  I just might try a few strips, to see what it’s like.

I wonder if anybody would order or buy one?  It does say it’s to shield brainwaves, but I suppose you could wear it any other time as well.

I’m imagining wearing this on the beach … to catch all those sun-rays … and reflect them back out.  You can’t miss me, in all that crowd of sun-worshippers.