Crocheted Goldfish

More inspiration from aquariums and fish.

As my hubby went on his fishing store trips (two of them!), and chatted with the owners and managers about the fish, pumps, filters, etc., I wandered around the fish tanks on the floor.  Taking out my camera, I started taking pictures of the many colourful fish to keep from getting bored.   (Wonder what my husband would be doing if I dragged him around from craft store to the other?  Would he be taking pictures of yarn?  LOL )  Highlights from those trips  are featured in posts on my other blog – have a look at the Volitan Lionfish and the Porcupine Puffer Fish – they’re my new best friends 🙂

At home, in our tank, is the newest addition – goldfish.  Here’s a picture of them swimming around.

Browsing the internet today, I came across this.

It’s made by a MarieMad from France.  She has kindly posted instructions in English, for those who might want to make these.   She’s also made other crocheted fish, probably enough to fill an aquarium. 

I just might try it, but I’m not really into amigurumi and such.  There’s too many ends to sew in, too many bind offs.  Plus working in small scale.  Somehow I don’t mind the granny squares and motifs so much, maybe because although there’s a hundred or so pieces to make, they’re bigger pieces to work with.   

Hmmm … maybe I should just make these fish on a bigger scale.  How about that?  Would you try these?


Coral Colour Inspiration and a Granny Square Fish

While walking around the fish store waiting for my husband to gather up his fish and supplies, I stared at the corals aquarium and the fish swimming around .. and saw a granny square.  Ok, ok, I’ve been seeing granny square projects everywhere, and thinking of working on them again, so maybe that’s why I’m seeing granny squares everywhere, even in an aquarium.

But this is what has decided that I will start a granny square project this year ….

See?  Even fish have granny square patterns on them.  LoL!

Which led me to a photo-taking spree with my phone camera.  Not just of the fish, of which there were plenty and colourful (and they’ll get their own post!)   But I got to thinking that if nature can mix up these colours together and it comes out as beautiful as these corals, then surely if we used these same colours in our projects then they would turn out as nice, no?

So here’s some coral inspiration, with a few fish swimming by.
(I apologize for the picture quality, as these were taken with a phone camera, inside a building, under aquarium lights and through glass and water.  Next time my husband drags me to fish stores, I’ll bring along the big camera so I can adjust the settings, and hopefully they don’t all look the same blue and green 🙂

Looks like a completed blanket …

… and some floral granny square inspirations here …

… and another one … 

Colourful, aren’t they?