Icy Snowflakes Finished

I arranged and rearranged the squares to fit the picture in my head …


And at the end of all the arrangings, this is what it looked like:


Hmmm … no, this is not what I had in mind.  It didn’t come out as planned, the way I thought it would look …

But I wasn’t frogging it either to rearrange, because for some reason, I joined the squares going out from the middle. Not row by row.  Don’t know why; guess I was just too excited about finally joining the squares together.


In hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have used blue to join those middle white squares; maybe use white instead, so there’s no outline around the squares.  Maybe that’s what’s bothering me with this.  I may frog it yet … or make another throw, in different colours … nah.  I’ll just take better pictures of it next time; apologies for the quality of these photos, taken late at night because I couldn’t wait till the morning.

At least somebody is enjoying it …


Poppy Fields

These were the colours that introduced me to Cascade Casablanca – Poppyfields.


I’d had the yarn all wound up for some time now, and was looking for the ‘perfect’ pattern to use it with.  But no one pattern really inspired me, but I wanted to work with it and so I picked up the ball of  yarn when we had a mini roadtrip for one of the soccer games.   Do you ever feel that?  You just want to play with the yarn, even though you don’t know what you’ll make out of it.  Maybe that’s why I have so many WIPs …

My fingers eventually settled on a pattern – what I call the biased basketweave pattern, and I thought that it would show up the colour changes nicely.   The pattern is actually called ‘Not Entirely Entrelac’, which I’d found while browsing for a good beginner pattern to learn entrelac.  I still have to complete an entrelac project, but in the meantime, I use this.

I’ve been working on this during the work commutes as well – and I’ve had to frog a few lines now and then, as we go into the tunnel and I’m plunged into darkness in the middle of a row.  Why I never remember to turn on the overhead lights, I don’t know.


I’m almost done with it.  I forgot that I had another skein, and didn’t make this wide enough for a cowl.  So maybe it’ll be a long scarf instead.   We’ll see where my mood takes me.

The NYC-HHI Hat Reveal

My latest venture … writing a pattern for this!
It’s simple enough, isn’t it?

NYC Hats for Hope Initiative

The NYC-HHI Hat reveal:


Apologies it’s taken so long to post this; there was an unexpected rush of activities, and I didn’t want to rush posting this with half the information.

Here’s what I plan for the hat:

Design: single ribs and stripes
Colour: Teal/Blue-Green
Variations on the NYC-HHI Hat:
1) solid teal colour, in any design/pattern of your choosing;
2) teal and other colour; main colour is teal; accent colour can be in any other colour; in any design/pattern of your choosing;
3) the NYC-HHI hat design, in any colour.

Here’s variations on the pattern/design, modeled by son, Justin:

Variegated yarn works well with the design; the stripes will line up nicely.  Solid colours work well too; it shows up the ribbed texture.

The pattern is being written up.  I’ve been too ambitious, writing up a pattern for the first time.  I hope to iron that out and post it…

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Painting Flowers


I finally got around to experimenting with colouring flowers. My son got white daffodils and roses for me, so that’s what I worked with. With food colouring ready, I pulled out glasses to place the flowers in.   As instructed, I trimmed the ends diagonnally under water.  Then I sliced about an inch and half up the stem.


This is how the red and green roses came out, after about 18 hours in the dye.



These were the blue and green daffodils.


I think the yellow rose turned out the best.  Well, it turned the white rose evenly yellow, no lines or spots.


For the second twenty-four hours, I moved all the flowers one glass over, to another colour.  It didn’t change much after that.  I don’t know if it was because the flowers weren’t so fresh, or that I didn’t have enough dye in the glasses.  Maybe next time I’ll shorten the stem – so maybe the dyes won’t have to travel far?  Or add more dye to the water.  In any case, I’m happy with how this first experiment turned out.  More ideas for the next one ….

The Downton Abbey Cowl

I finished watching the Downton Abbey marathon weeks ago, but I was enjoying knitting this pattern with the yarn so much, that I didn’t want to stop working on it.  But I couldn’t let it sit there for long, knowing that the end was in sight.  And so I picked it up again, and finally finished it off.


I’m still loving those colours; my eyes are still drawn to it, each time I look at the cowl.  There was a slight shift in the colour sequence, as I started a new ball.  But you don’t really notice it, unless you’re sitting there scrutinizing each row.


I really like how the pattern – the knit linen stitch – really worked well with the yarn and the colours.  I’m sure that any other variegated yarn will work well with the stitch, but I do think that long colour changes works better than short colour changes.  The beauty of the yarn and the colours will be highlighted, as it did here.  I’m thinking that short colour changes will result in choppy pattern changes, but I could be wrong; I’ll have to start on one and see how it goes.


The finished length, even though joined at the ends, was still a good four feet long (which meant around eight to nine  feet long, if it hadn’t been joined).  It’s enough to twist loosely around the neck twice, without feeling choked up.   I don’t mind it long, actually, it’s an extra layer to keep me warm in front since I always feel cold.

I do find the wool a little scratchy, probably from the mohair?  So it’s not that soft against the skin, but it’s tolerable.


I’m enjoying wearing it, for these last days of cold weather.  Next year I can wear it for longer periods … unless someone begs it off from me!

Instant Gratification Ribbed Hat

I finished this hat in two hours.  As you see, it was past midnight when I finally finished and cleaned it up.  That’s why the photos are a little dark.


Since Christopher was still up, I asked him to try it out, and quickly snapped a shot.  It’s not often that he’ll stand still and model, while I take a picture.  


The pattern is a simple rib – one dc, FPDC in next stitch – all around.  I changed colours to break up the monotony.

That’s my instant gratification project.  Now to continue with the other bigger pieces so I can finally get it done!

Pineapple Upside Down Throw

Finally done!

The boys said that it looked like a pineapple upside-down cake.  And so they have named it.


Since it didn’t make the deadline, I added another row to make it longer.  I also added a border around – the boys wanted that, for some reason.


The round of RH Chili didn’t show up well against the RH Cherry Red yarn.  I thought that it would be a nice contrast and blend in.  Guess it blended in too well.


The contrast shows up better here, against the RH Gold.  


I am thinking of making another one, in different colours, and different placement, etc.  Another day … I have another CAL that I haven’t even started on, and we’re in the second month already!


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