Instant Gratification Ribbed Hat

I finished this hat in two hours.  As you see, it was past midnight when I finally finished and cleaned it up.  That’s why the photos are a little dark.


Since Christopher was still up, I asked him to try it out, and quickly snapped a shot.  It’s not often that he’ll stand still and model, while I take a picture.  


The pattern is a simple rib – one dc, FPDC in next stitch – all around.  I changed colours to break up the monotony.

That’s my instant gratification project.  Now to continue with the other bigger pieces so I can finally get it done!

Kaleidescope in Pebble

  Christopher liked this scarf I had made for the Special Olympics … so he asked me to make one for him in grey and white …

Given a reason to buy yarn 🙂 I went looking for yarn … 

… and found some new ones to experiment with … Kaleidescope in Pebble!