Splash of Colour at Lake Louise 

It’s been a busy period here, running and driving around … You know how it is, you’re the cabbie driving the kids around .. Don’t they ever get tired? I do! LoL

In between, I pick up hook and yarn to settle down even if just for a few minutes. And of course, for instant gratification, hats are quick, easy portable projects.

Good thing too, because an office colleague of mine asked if I could make some hats for her. She was going to a family reunion up in Canada, and wanted to gift the hats to them. No problem, I said.  There’s always an extra hat or two in the bags …

And here are some of my hats, all the way to Lake Louise, in Alberta, Canada. Isn’t that scenery just beautiful?

It’s always good to see your creations being used, isn’t it?

I’m still smiling … At the hats and the scenery.

Slouchy Variations

I heard forecasts about the weather for this coming winter … and it sounded cold … very cold.   As in, the same as last year.  And I haven’t really recovered from that vortex winter that dragged on forever …

And then I realized that yes, it is almost the end of August, and those ber months are coming … September, October … which usually means that the cold is coming in … and I panicked.

I’ve been collecting hats for my personal charity/cause (NYCHHI) since last year … but I don’t know if I have enough!  Yikes!  I better start on my hat-a-day schedule again, start another hat blitz!

After much experimenting again, I came up with more slouchies, with variations from the first one … a ribbed brim … a wider crown and body before it narrows down by the brim.

And look – if you need an extra layer, just pull the body down and over your ears!  The pattern for this can be found here.


I like that … I think I’ll make more of that … It’s going to be a very cold winter … again.



And We’re Live!

Here’s my new adventure. Don’t know why I’m adding more work for myself, but I guess it’s the next step to take. There’s only so many hats and blankets that my boys will use, and while it’s been satisfying to give away and donate to a charity here and there, in the back of my mind there was something that was telling me that there had to be something more.
So, I took up the opportunity to branch out, with the help of Emily’s Hats for Hope Initiative organization. This is a spin-off but independent chapter.
Have a look and read all about it.  And if you know of any groups in need of warm items, let me know or have them drop me a line.

Hope to see you there!

NYC Hats for Hope Initiative

Ok, NYC Hats for Hope Initiative is now official.

NYCHFHI banner logo

We have a physical and email address where you can get in touch with us; we’ve got the Facebook and Ravelry pages set up; we’ve even got some people who are already members!  yaaayy!!

Next step now is to get a group, a shelter, an organization, to send all our knitted and crocheted items to.  Hopefully I’ll get at least one in the next few weeks or so, if not sooner.

Of course, you can all start knitting and crocheting your wonderful creations – hats and scarves, gloves and mittens, afghans and blankets.  Guidelines are provided – click on the Pages on the sidebar to read about them.

Check back here regularly for updated information, as we progress with this.

And much gratitude to you all for joining in.


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A Crochet Treat

Hubby told me we had to go to the bookstore today to pick up some books for his friend.  Big mistake!!  

I love books, even with a Kindle and iPad and online reading ….  But there’s nothing like the smell of the ink and paper and the glossy covers on books, and the sight of piles of books everywhere …  I can easily spend an hour just browsing.  I went from one table or shelf to another to check out all the new releases …  but I had to rush, I couldn’t linger over the books. 

I went over to their magazines section, and found two magazines … only two!?  Maybe all the others had already been taken by other crafters?  Anyway,  for only the second time this year, I treated myself to printed magazines, which I can flip through again and again, then set on my knees while I follow the patterns, trying to keep it from sliding off my knees … 


Oh look … snowflakes!  Do you think they’re trying to tell me something?  Like, ummm … get going with the snowflake project I started over the summer, so that I have enough to hang up on the Christmas tree? 

20121024-174905.jpg    20121024-174921.jpg



The Simply Crochet magazine is from the UK.  They have so many ideas, and eye candy, and stores … That’s why I have to limit myself from buying these magazines … there’s so many things I want to try, and don’t have the time for.  And so many gorgeous yarns that my hands itch to play with …
And I think I found my new projects … crocheted cables, and this striking hat!  I’m just thinking now of all the colour combinations that I can do with this pattern.  Or maybe even a variegated yarn will come out with interesting results.  Hmmm … maybe I can even modify the pattern for a scarf for the Special Olympics project; there’s ten colour combinations I can work with.

20121024-174931.jpg  20121024-174952.jpg

*sigh*  See what I mean?  In my head I already have four or five projects I want to get started on …. 

Purple Stitch Project (PSP)

Here’s a new craft cause to join.

Purple Stitch Project (PSP) s a charitable organization to benefit babies, children and teens with epilepsy, and to raise awareness about epilepsy. It was founded by designer, author, and on-air personality, Vickie Howell, who is also the the spokesperson for the yarn company, Caron International. Their theme color is purple – any shade of purple.
They have partnered with Craftsy, for free patterns for scarves, beanies, wrists, blankets, plashes, and other items to sew, knit or crochet for children with epilepsy.
If you’re a designer, you can also donate a pattern to the project.

More information can be found on their website.

I don’t know anybody with epilepsy, but purple has been a favorite color of my sister’s and I. And crafting for children is as good a reason as any to play with yarn, don’t you think?uUzdXGxX;

A Village of Hats

These were from a Hats Blitz that I did a couple of years ago for a group that I donate to. The title comes from one of the members who commented on it. I bought sample skeins of yarn to try it out, and making hats were the perfect short project for trying out yarn. And this is what came out of it.


Polar Fleece – works up quickly, and warm … I found that it pilled too much though …

Two hats in one … turn it inside out for new colours!

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