2019 SO Scarf Project: Maine

SO Maine announced their colours for the 2019 Scarf Project – Purple, Blue, Green.

That happens to be my favourite combination too – or one of my favourite combinations.  It shouldn’t be too hard to get a scarf or two done with those colours, and will of course look great in the group’s featured pattern, stripes.

Maine 2019

Here’s the complete list so far.  That brings it to 9 participating states so far.  It’s great to get this going early.   Several more state programs will announce colours in the late summer, and with only 2-3 months left before their deadline to receive scarves, some of the states don’t meet their goal.

2019 SO collage

So any time you’re in between projects and don’t know what to do, choose a colour combo, and start a striped scarf.

You can always find the complete info on this page, or join the Facebook and Ravelry groups.

See you there!

2016 SO Scarf Project: The Last Five

We’re almost there … We’re working on the last five states to complete the 2016 Special Olympics Scarf Project!  whew!

This is what it looks like now.  I’m still waiting for updated numbers, so please do start mailing in your items so that the state offices can get an accurate count.

Complete information and details can always be found on the 2016 SO Scarf Project page.

KC4SO 2016

The most immediate is SO Texas – they’re about halfway to their goal of 2,500 items, so if everybody sends in their items now, they’ll come close to their goal before their Games start in early February.

So there’s still time to join us – either on Facebook or on Ravelry.

And if you weren’t able to participate this year, SO Texas has already announced their colours for the 2017 Games, so you can get an early start on that!
















2016 SO Scarf Project: Almost There

Well, we’re mid-way into the first month of the new year, and for the Special Olympics Scarf Project, there’s a frantic rush now to work on the scarves and send them on their way to the state programs.  Most SO state programs hold their Winter Games in January and February, so the bulk of the deadlines are in January.

Here’s the latest update on the project.  Since I was out travelling with spotty wifi, I’m just catching up with the state programs on their numbers for the Scarf Project, so those numbers for received items are not updated.  I’m hoping that the state goals were met, or at least were close to getting the numbers they wanted.

KC4SO 2016

There’s still time to make items for SO Kansas, Wyoming, Arkansas.  If you have completed items for those three, mail them in now, so they can be counted.

SO Texas is way short of their goal – 500 out of 2,500.  They’ve extended their deadline to 31 January 2016, so start mailing your items.

SO Delaware had a warm December 2015, so they’re holding their Games in late February 2016.  That gives us another four weeks to make scarves and send them in time for their Games.

SO Alaska mailing is open.  If you have items for SO Alaska, you can start mailing them in now.

So let’s get those hooks and needles busy!

Thanks so much to all who are working on this and supporting the Scarf Project.

Join us on Facebook and Ravelry (links in the right bar) and join in the conversation!




2016 SO Scarf Project: One State Done!

SO Iowa is the first state to meet their goals of 600 items for the 2016 Special Olympics Scarf Project. They sure have a lot of active crafters in Iowa!



There’s three other states with deadlines coming up in December – SO Arkansas for earwarmers/headbands only; SO Oklahoma, SO Tennessee, SO North Carolina.  And then what I like to call the Red and White states – all have the red and white combination as their chosen colours – SO North Carolina with a deadline in December 2015, and SO Indiana, SO Nebraska, SO Maine with deadlines in January 2016.

Crunch time … with the end of year festivities and holidays, there won’t be much time to pick up hook and yarn.  Even now I’m pressed for time to even get a row done …

Anyway, please do help spread the word on the Scarf Project, and maybe we can give this a kickstart before the end of year activities buries us all.

Complete information can always be found here.

Or join us over on Facebook and Ravelry (links on the right bar).

See you there!

2016 Special Olympics Scarf Project

National Crochet Month 2014

So … National Crochet Month 2014 has come and gone.

I had projects from the bucket list that I thought I could start on in March … they’re still lined up.

I had special yarn lined up (‘Romeo and Juliet’ from Expression Fiber Arts), waiting for that special pattern to work on, to commemorate National Crochet Month 2014 … I’ve gotten as far as winding it up.  I still haven’t found that one special pattern that calls to me to work with this special yarn.


I had signed up for CALs, and for sure I thought I would be able to start on one of them … I got as far as digging through the stash for possible yarn and colour combinations …

Nothing really worked out the way I wanted to last month.  It was a chaotic, hectic and stressful month.  My head wouldn’t stop spinning around and settle down long enough to concentrate on any pattern, and my attention span was shorter than a two-year-old’s.

But I needed to pick up hook and yarn and work on something, anything.  So I settled on quick, easy, and mindless project patterns to work on.  It satisfied the craving for my fingers to be playing with hook and yarn; and it was quick and simple enough that even with my brain spinning around, I could finish the project before my attention span wandered off again.

This is what I came up with.  Earwarmers for the the 2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project.  SO Arkansas and Tennessee wanted earwarmers.  And since I had the colours in the stash already, I didn’t have to spend any time choosing the colours.

so tennessee earwarmers3
This is my favourite earwarmer (so far).  All the others were semi-experiments with stitches and patterns.



I also started on scarves for SO Delaware (red, grey and white) and SO Indiana (red, blue and yellow).  I had to frog the SO Indiana scarf, though.  Crocheting with two strands of yarn together requires a larger hook, to give the scarf a little drape.  This one turned out a little stiff.  The scarf for SO Delaware came out shorter, because of those waves.  I’m just adding fringes at the end – I don’t want to frog that, seeing as how it came out so nice.


And I was still in the Augusta Shawl mood, and finished what I’m calling the Neon Playtime Rainbows version.  It’s made from Lorna’s Laces in Playtime, which was an exclusive colourway for Craftsy.  And of course, I only bought two skeins, which wasn’t enough for the shawl.  Digging through the stash, I came upon Lion Brand Microspun – and it had colours so close to the Playtime!  So I just crocheted around to give the shawl a little more length and width.  It’s hardly noticeable, isn’t it?  hmmm … maybe I’ll make another one with the rest of the Microspun.

And there you have my National Crochet Month for 2014.

As I write this, my head is spinning again … with more ideas for projects …


Special Olympics 2014 Scarf Project: All Done !

The last of the 2014 Special Olympic Winter Games were held last weekend, and with that, the 2014 SO Scarf Project is done!

Thank you to all the crafters out there who generously contributed your time and skills to make a scarf for the athletes!

Looking forward to seeing you back for the 2015 Scarf Project … Yes, we’ve started that already, with five states already announcing their colours!  More on that later … for now, we’ll take a break and a rest …

2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project

2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project: On the Home Stretch

The January 2014 deadlines are coming and going.  Scarves are pouring in to the state offices.  Hopefully, they’ll meet their scarf numbers for the year.

The last deadlines to pass were SO Kansas and Kentucky.  At the last update, they still needed about 150 scarves to meet their goals.  I haven’t heard what their final totals are, but I think they got close to the number that they wanted.

Next deadline coming up is for SO Arkansas, Delaware and Texas on 24 January 2014.
SO Arkansas has about 200 more to make their goal.  SO Delaware and Texas are kind of struggling to make their goals.

Here’s some scarves and headbands made by the Knit and Crochet for a Cause Facebook group members.

2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project

Come on over and join us for the homestretch.  Details on the Scarf Project can be found here.