Fall is Here

It sneaked up on me at 4:02 pm today.  That’s the time I heard in the news, and I had to stop and wonder where summer went.

Interestingly, for the past several weekends I started multiple fall projects, as well as pulled out languishing WIPs to try and finish them.  Or maybe it was the other way around – try to finish languishing WIPs, but ended up starting more projects, so now I’ve actually added to the WIP pile …

Don’t believe me?  Here ….

These are two knit projects from a couple of years ago.  It started out as inspirational projects because I wanted to work with the new yarn.  It turned into practice pieces … and then got left in a bag in a bag in a bag … What to do with this now?  Continue it?  Or frog and start again, because supposedly, I can knit better now and what I make now will look better than these …

And this is kind of a WIP, but a new one that I started … because I think I should finally make something from this gorgeous yarn and colourway.  I’ve started several items with the yarn, and frogged them all.  The yarn is getting a little frayed, so I think I should start a project and stick with that.  This is short rows and mesh stitch practice.  Now that I’ve started this, I’m hoping that I have another skein of the yarn hidden somewhere, so that this can be a decent size when done.  And I’ve lost the label, so I’m not sure where to look for it now …


And this?  I started this the week of the solar eclipse in August, because the colorway was named Moonstone … I know, I know, kind of corny.   *sigh*  Anyway, it’s just going to be a wide and long shawl or wrap.  Just a pattern series of garter stitch and mesh stitch.

And another Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball, in Namaste Neutrals.  Because I liked the glint against the browns.  I’m thinking a capelet would look nice with this.



This was going to be the super-scarf last year.  Remember that trend?  I don’t know if that’s still a trend this year, but I’m determined to finish this year.  But see, I’ve run out of the yarn and I’m only at half the length, so I need to get out and get some more of this.  I’m leaving this out to work on, anyway.


So there you have my fall projects … I’ll keep you posted on the progress …

Have a good weekend, all !


Weekend Non-Projects  

It’s the first day of spring !!

Happy Spring!!  Yaaayyy – It actually feels like spring today, with the temperatures actually warming up later today.  Then it’s back to winter on Wednesday, with a forecast of snow …

I’m still on the hunt for a crochet project for National Crochet Month.  I’ll even settle for a knit project for National Craft month instead 😉

So with spring and warmer weather on the mind, I picked up a skein of Prism, because I liked the colours – when it was wound up in a ball/skein.  Now that I’m working on it, these colours are not calling to me.  Maybe it’s the wrong pattern.  I don’t think I’m continuing with this … By the way, I’m almost done with this ball, and this shawl is barely wrapping around my shoulders.  So definitely the wrong pattern, because you’re supposed to get a decent sized shawl with just one ball, right?  Or not?

Last night – at midnight, actually, because I wasn’t really sleepy yet and was browsing Pinterest and also it was at that moment that I decided that I wanted to try something – I started this.  I’d been wanting to work with the Caron Cakes in Pistachio, but wasn’t sure what to make of it.  I thought maybe a summer poncho in a lacy pattern would look good with this, since it’s a worsted weight yarn.  Another variation of a pattern, or more of two patterns combined.  *sigh*  I’m liking the pattern – which I’m making up as I go along – but now thinking that it may be a bit heavy for summer … Needs to be more lacy …


We’ll see.  I haven’t given up on it yet.  I have another two cakes, so I hope it’s enough for the poncho.  Or wrap.  Or something that can be done with three cakes, because I’m being good and it’s not time to buy yarn yet 🙂

And I saw the Rick Rack Rib stitch last week, and had to try it out.  I thought I had ‘memorized’ the pattern when I first saw it, but found out later that I was missing a k1 or a p1 in between the rick racks.  The darker colour is the wrong stitch, although I’m sort of liking that too.  The red colour is the correct sequence.

This is becoming a sampler of practice knit stitches  That’s the herringbone in the grey part, that I had to try a couple of weeks ago.   And I can’t remember what I was doing with the darker red colour.  It started out with practice on the mesh/lace stitch, but I don’t know what happened in between.  And I didn’t want to frog, because it didn’t look bad, and also because I don’t like to frog knit projects because I can’t pick up the correct number of stitches again after that :o)


And that’s my non-projects for the weekend.  They may or may not be frogged – well, the first one is definitely going to be frogged and turned into something else.  And I’m set on working on the Pistachio and finishing something with it, and perhaps have it ready for another out-of-state soccer tournament in a couple of weeks. And the knit sampler – well, that’s probably going to sit until I see another knit stitch that I want to practise on 🙂

Have a good spring day!



Happy National Crochet Month !

It’s national crochet month !   yaaayyy !!

So it means I can crochet all day, every day, for a month !!  lol … I wish !

I usually start a crochet project to celebrate the month, but this year, I totally forgot about it until I saw mention of it on another blog.  *gasp!*

This is one of my most popular projects using the Nancy’s Waves pattern (available in Ravelry), from some years ago.  I saw it pop up on Pinterest, and only just found out that it’s been pinned over 2,000 times !!  I didn’t realize it’s been floating around out there!
Thanks, everybody !



So now, I’m in the hunt for a good project to start for the year.  Or maybe I should finish the crochet WIPs that I have …

This is my newest yarn obsession … the Shawl in a Ball from Lion Brand.  I’m trying out the metallic version in Prism.  So far, none of the patterns I’ve tried out has stayed on the hooks and needles, so I’m looking around for patterns again.  I’m toying with the idea to make another Nancy’s Waves with this yarn, but it may be a bit thin …

One project that has stayed on the hook is this … a circular top or vest, which is going to end up as a summer or beach cover-up.  As soon as I saw the Restful Rainbow colours in the Shawl in a Ball, I wanted it to be a beach cover-up.  I just have the last rows in a mesh stitch to finish up, and I’m done.  Somehow, I’m delaying on finishing it up, don’t know why. There’s a lot of experimentation still going on, since as usual, I’ve deviated from the pattern …. *sigh*

A few finished projects with the Caron Cakes … two ponchos in the same pattern, one to fit a child, and one to fit me.  Again, some adjustments made to the original pattern, but they’ve both turned out well, so it’s all good. The pattern is the Toasty Poncho from Red Heart, which is available on Ravelry.

Well then, I seem to be able to finish up projects after all !   lol  Sometimes with all the WIPs, it looks like I never finish anything!  It’s always good to get your projects together once in a while, just to see what you’ve done.

Have a good and safe weekend, everybody!



Inspired by Yarn

It’s been a busy fall/autumn season … And there was lots of playing with yarn, but no major item finished … except for this.

The Bouvardia Hooded Jacket (available on Ravelry).  It’s a pattern I saved a couple of years ago, and each time I see it, I want to start making one but then I don’t … except this time, I did.

Maybe it was the yarn – Lion Brand Landscapes in Mountain Range – that inspired me. The yarn colours were the colours of fall, and it was soft and squishy.  Or maybe it’s just my brain saying that it was time to work on something else other than hats, scarves and shawls.  In any case … Something clicked in my brain, and said that it was Sewing 101 after all.  I suddenly pictured in my brain the different parts of the jacket and how they are assembled.  Just like following the sewing patterns …

This is the finished product, hanging on a door.  It’s looking longer than it should be – it reaches my ankles – and that’s because the yarn and pattern stretches.  I also had to fiddle with the pattern a bit – okay, a lot.  It’s a nice and easy pattern – granny stitches – but unfortunately, there were some mistakes and omissions in the pattern, and I had to figure out and fill in the blanks a few times.

See the wavy ends at the bottom?  In the pattern picture, this is showing as straight and rectangular.  I followed the instructions on the pattern, and it came out wavy.  I frogged and started over, and frogged again, making sure to follow the pattern step by step.  It still came out wavy, so I left it like that.  I think it adds a nice touch to it, anyway.

The pattern didn’t say anything about adding buttons, but I added them.  The front was a bit loose, so I added buttons so that I can close the front if I wanted to.

Oh, and the hood!  It’s turned out a bit bigger than it should,  because I miscounted stitches again *sigh*   But it doesn’t look bad, so no frogging needed.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with it.  This is my first attempt at ‘big’ clothing items.  And now that my brain has caught on to clothes construction, I’ll be coming out of my comfort zone to try making more jackets and tops.  One more skill to add to the collection!



National Crochet Month 2014

So … National Crochet Month 2014 has come and gone.

I had projects from the bucket list that I thought I could start on in March … they’re still lined up.

I had special yarn lined up (‘Romeo and Juliet’ from Expression Fiber Arts), waiting for that special pattern to work on, to commemorate National Crochet Month 2014 … I’ve gotten as far as winding it up.  I still haven’t found that one special pattern that calls to me to work with this special yarn.


I had signed up for CALs, and for sure I thought I would be able to start on one of them … I got as far as digging through the stash for possible yarn and colour combinations …

Nothing really worked out the way I wanted to last month.  It was a chaotic, hectic and stressful month.  My head wouldn’t stop spinning around and settle down long enough to concentrate on any pattern, and my attention span was shorter than a two-year-old’s.

But I needed to pick up hook and yarn and work on something, anything.  So I settled on quick, easy, and mindless project patterns to work on.  It satisfied the craving for my fingers to be playing with hook and yarn; and it was quick and simple enough that even with my brain spinning around, I could finish the project before my attention span wandered off again.

This is what I came up with.  Earwarmers for the the 2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project.  SO Arkansas and Tennessee wanted earwarmers.  And since I had the colours in the stash already, I didn’t have to spend any time choosing the colours.

so tennessee earwarmers3
This is my favourite earwarmer (so far).  All the others were semi-experiments with stitches and patterns.



I also started on scarves for SO Delaware (red, grey and white) and SO Indiana (red, blue and yellow).  I had to frog the SO Indiana scarf, though.  Crocheting with two strands of yarn together requires a larger hook, to give the scarf a little drape.  This one turned out a little stiff.  The scarf for SO Delaware came out shorter, because of those waves.  I’m just adding fringes at the end – I don’t want to frog that, seeing as how it came out so nice.


And I was still in the Augusta Shawl mood, and finished what I’m calling the Neon Playtime Rainbows version.  It’s made from Lorna’s Laces in Playtime, which was an exclusive colourway for Craftsy.  And of course, I only bought two skeins, which wasn’t enough for the shawl.  Digging through the stash, I came upon Lion Brand Microspun – and it had colours so close to the Playtime!  So I just crocheted around to give the shawl a little more length and width.  It’s hardly noticeable, isn’t it?  hmmm … maybe I’ll make another one with the rest of the Microspun.

And there you have my National Crochet Month for 2014.

As I write this, my head is spinning again … with more ideas for projects …


How WIPs are Born

Remember my WIP from this post? After I finished one ball, it turned out too short for a scarf, and even with joining ends together for a cowl, it was too narrow. So it was frogged and put away *sigh*

But then I saw the Augusta Shawl and wanted to make one. I decided that it was the time for this yarn – Drops Big Delight, in Sunrise – to be made into something, because every time I saw the wound up ball, my fingers itched to make something with those gorgeous colours.

I started this on Super Bowl Sunday.


Two days later, I had used up the two balls, and this is how big it got.


*sigh* Still not big enough for a shawl. I will have to order another ball or two, to make the shawl a decent size so that it can wrap around me.  I went online to order, and they only had one ball in stock.  Not sure how much bigger that will make this, but I ordered it, anyway.


But I was still enjoying the pattern, so I picked up Lorna’s Laces Honour in PlayTime, and started another one. Not sure if I’m liking that colourplay, but I’m not frogging anymore.


And after using up both hanks of Lorna’s Laces, it also was not wide enough. I’ve looked everywhere to see if I can get another hank of PlayTime, but apparently it was a special colourway for Craftsy, and no longer available. *sigh*  So, what do I do now?  Maybe it’ll just have to be a scarf, not a shawl.

I start another one, this time in Lion Brand’s Amazing in Aurora.



I know that I have this yarn in the stash somewhere, and if I need another ball, it should be easy enough to find one. So this won’t stay a WIP for too long … we hope …



Hopeless, aren’t I?

And that’s how WIPs are born.

2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project: 3,401 Scarves to go for January

Whew!  I managed to get updated numbers for the states with January 2014 deadlines fast approaching, except for Wyoming.  Who happens to be the first January deadline on the 15th!


Scarf for SO Kentucky by MonicaRose51 (Ravelry)

Wait .. isn’t this scarf gorgeous?  The pattern is the Reversible Cables Scarf, from the Lion Bran site.  You’ll have to sign up as a member (free) of LionBrand.com to access the pattern.

Someday I’ll learn how to knit cables.  Really.  I bought the cable needles when I started to really get serious about learning how to knit, but have not tried it yet.  Someday.

So back to the topic … here’s where we stand with the January deadlines.  The 2014 Scarf Project page has also been updated.

KC4SO Jan14-10JanUpdate

Come on over and join us … We’ve got 3,401 more scarves to go …