A Crochet Treat

Hubby told me we had to go to the bookstore today to pick up some books for his friend.  Big mistake!!  

I love books, even with a Kindle and iPad and online reading ….  But there’s nothing like the smell of the ink and paper and the glossy covers on books, and the sight of piles of books everywhere …  I can easily spend an hour just browsing.  I went from one table or shelf to another to check out all the new releases …  but I had to rush, I couldn’t linger over the books. 

I went over to their magazines section, and found two magazines … only two!?  Maybe all the others had already been taken by other crafters?  Anyway,  for only the second time this year, I treated myself to printed magazines, which I can flip through again and again, then set on my knees while I follow the patterns, trying to keep it from sliding off my knees … 


Oh look … snowflakes!  Do you think they’re trying to tell me something?  Like, ummm … get going with the snowflake project I started over the summer, so that I have enough to hang up on the Christmas tree? 

20121024-174905.jpg    20121024-174921.jpg



The Simply Crochet magazine is from the UK.  They have so many ideas, and eye candy, and stores … That’s why I have to limit myself from buying these magazines … there’s so many things I want to try, and don’t have the time for.  And so many gorgeous yarns that my hands itch to play with …
And I think I found my new projects … crocheted cables, and this striking hat!  I’m just thinking now of all the colour combinations that I can do with this pattern.  Or maybe even a variegated yarn will come out with interesting results.  Hmmm … maybe I can even modify the pattern for a scarf for the Special Olympics project; there’s ten colour combinations I can work with.

20121024-174931.jpg  20121024-174952.jpg

*sigh*  See what I mean?  In my head I already have four or five projects I want to get started on …. 

A Noro Win !

I won!
With all the hustle and bustle of travelling for soccer tournaments, this was over-looked! Can you imagine that??

Aaargghh!!!! I can’t believe I over-looked that I won a box of Noro Silk Garden Lite yarn, with a complimentary copy of the premier issue of Noro knitting magazine from Knitting Fever Inc!!  How could I do that?  How could I? I should have been experimenting with this yarn already, trying out a project from the magazine (and most likely frogging it, so that I can try another project!)

I’ve read so much about this yarn, and while the reviews are mixed about working with it and the texture, I love the colours.  It seems as if they asked me personally what colours I want in a yarn, and then made it for me.  LOL  well, maybe not all the colour combinations, but pretty much most of it catches my eyes.   

*sigh* And now I’m going to be on a business trip to the other side of the world, and as much as I think and hope that I will have time to work on some crafting projects when I’m in the hotel room, somehow I know that it doesn’t work out that way most of the time.  I’ve already packed up skeins for the Special Olympics scarf project, as well as some sample skeins of Malabrigos yarn in Ravelry Red, Azul Profundo, and Marigold – oohh, primary colors! – to start up a new project while I’m there.  

Ambitious, aren’t I?  Do I really think I’ll have time to work on anything?

Noro Magazine

I had heard so much about Noro yarn from others, and when I checked out their website, I fell in love with the colours – all of them! Well, okay, maybe some more than others.
But the blends, the striping, the colour combinations – all of that put together and I just want to pick it up and start making something, anything with it – or just play with it.

I haven’t taken the plunge yet on buying Noro yarn – I’m trying to be good and finishing up (most) WIPs and trying to make a dent in my yarn stash first (to make room for when I start to buy Noro yarn 🙂 – but don’t tell my boys that).

(image from Noro Magazine website)

But with this premier issue of the Noro magazine, I don’t know how long I can last with this mini-resolution!
Before I buy any crochet/knit magazine, I have a look through the magazine first at the projects.  My criteria for actually buying a magazine is that I must like and want to make at least three projects.  Love at first sight and wow! factor helps too.  But looking through the preview of the magazine now, I’ve already oohed and aahed on several projects – ten of them! – without even reading the details and specs of the project.  I’m already planning on the hats and scarves for the small portable projects, and I’m just learning the entrelac, so that entrelac throw can be my practice piece:)  There’s the crochet hexagon throw as well, to satisfy my motif-joining project. 

That means that I’m definitely scouting bookstores and bookstands for the magazine when it comes out on June 5.

So, go ahead and have a look at their preview.  And be ready to feast your eyes.



Vintage Crochet

Walking around the Old Town Market, San Diego, I came across this display 

outside the general store, and of course had to go inside to look for more. 









I only came across two other crocheted items, but this is what really drew my attention, tucked in a corner, in a basket.

I flipped through the basket, which had a mix of these and some modern pattern books and magazines.  I finally selected this issue and went to pay for it.  The lady asked me if I knew how to crochet.  I replied that I did, and that I hoped that there would be some good patterns inside.  I also asked if this was a real magazine, and she replied that it was marked ‘vintage’ on the price tag, so it was real.

I’ve since researched on the internet, and yes, there was a Needlecraft magazine in print back then, which seems to have morphed into Needlecraft for Today in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  I don’t know if it’s morphed into another version for today, or if it’s out of print, as I didn’t see anything else after June 1982.  There are other sites, such as eBay and those for antiques, that sell these issues, and I did find one site selling this same issue No. 9 that I have.  The page featuring the an article on the latest shirtwaists and skirts even made it to Pinterest several months ago.  So there’s a few of these magazines still floating around out there.

Thankfully this issue had a lot of crochet-related items, since some issues I saw while researching had mostly sewing and tatting articles.  I chose this issue because I thought I could give the project on the front page a try.  I notice that there are a lot of trebles in the pattern, but maybe this is because the thread they used was so fine.  

Other samples of projects in the magazine:

Tatting ….

Doilies …  (this is another one I’d like to try – at least it’s in No. 30 thread, so maybe I can start with this).

And I thought I had discovered a new type of crochet – the Maltese crochet!  But, it was just another name for Hairpin Crochet – which I haven’t tried either, because I think it uses up too much yarn.

Here’s a glimpse on the other pages of the magazine.

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