African Violets

So … from my previous post I had talked about recently acquiring a stash of yarn, but not just any yarn.  It belonged to a departed aunt, and I wanted to make something with it.

There was purple variegated yarn and eggplant in one bag, and so I thought that perhaps African Violets, which she liked, would be a good pattern.  This is actually the African Flowers pattern; the African Violet flower has five petals, so this should have been a pentagon motif.  But I had hexagons on the mind.  Maybe I can still change it – I’ve only made four motifs so far.


My plan is to use only the yarn that she had in her stash, and nothing more.  But my OCD brain is already mapping out the colour scheme.  The other colours she had in the other bag were fall colours – pumpkins, gold, coral, chilis.  I suppose that could still work with these colours, if correctly placed.


Maybe this is what is wrong with me – I over-think.  I should just keep crocheting, let my fingers and my subconscious work it out on their own …


I’ll make a few more of these … I’m determined to get my crochet mojo back …




Remember this?



And this?


I picked it up finally to work on the third and joining round to see if I could make some progress on it, and it just wouldn’t work out according to the pattern and the photos.  I enlarged the photos to see if I could figure out why not, and had a sneaking suspicion that I had mis-read the pattern instructions.

So I went back to step one and read the instructions over, and sure enough … I was working too many stitches in the second round.   Aaarrghhhh!!!

So now I’m frogging the second round, and working on it again, this time with the correct number of stitches.  Guess I’m not making much progress with this CAL 😦

Lesson learned …. maybe it’s worth making a complete set of the motif pattern, before working on so many motifs first.

Crochet Sightings

Crochet sighting on the streets.

I’m seeing more crochet vests (waist and knee-length) out on the streets.  This one was interesting because of the big circle on the back.  Maybe I can make something like this for me for next summer.




I noticed the hat on this woman right away, it was so colourful.  It was a warm day, and this looked like wool.




This isn’t really crochet – it just looks like it.  It’s a printed blouse, but the design reminded me of crocheted motifs.




Crochet’s finally catching on in the fashion world!