Purple Waves

After deciding on these colours to work with next, and keeping spring IMG_1669in mind, I excitedly warped the loom with the Noro Nobori.

The Noro Nobori is a chunky yarn, and is a cotton-wool-silk mix.  I say mix, and not blend, because the wool and silk is wrapped around the cotton strip, which is about a quarter inch wide.  I wanted to see what effect the variegated or self-striping yarn would have as the warp, and a solid colour as the weft.  It also ran thick and thin, so I thought that would add some more texture to the piece.

Then … this happened …. **gasp**



First one thread snapped as I pulled … then another …  oh my …

The only good thing I can say to that is thankfully, it happened at the beginning, and I was only about an inch into weaving.

So I took it apart and off the loom, and this time used the purple Cascade Superwash as the warp.  The Noro will have to be used as the weft.  Yes, all those lengths of yarn were wound separately onto the shuttle, and woven in.  Yes, I had a million ends sticking out in the back *sigh*

But I was liking the effect of the white cotton showing up in between the wool and silk around it.  And one advantage of working with lengths of yarn?  I could choose the sequence of the colour changes and switch it around.  I did try to match the colours at the beginning and ends of the lengths, but after a while, I didn’t know what the original colour sequence was, so I just picked up one length when I was done and continued on with it, keeping as close as I could to a gradual change in colours.


And the finished piece … it was a good size, about 7-ft long, and 10 inches wide.  I wanted it wider, but I didn’t have enough yarn to warp a full 15 inches.


But the effect of the white cotton showing up intermittently through the colours is nice.  Plus, it covers up the spots where the tension went off, and the lines started to get wavy … the white pulls it all together as part of the pattern. Wasn’t that smart of the yarn?


Next up is to learn how to hem-stitch the edge for the finishing.  Or I’m going to end up with fringes on all the scarves and runners and whatever else I work on.  I was going to do it here, but forgot in the excitement of finishing the weave.  I think you’re supposed to hemstitch while it’s still on the loom, not after you’ve taken it off, right?


I haven’t wet-finished it yet, I’ll do that later.  Do we have to wet-finish all the pieces?  or only those that we think might need a little ‘fix’?   I don’t know if the Noro will fluff out.  The thick-thin texture didn’t really show up – maybe I was beating it too close together.  I should remember to leave about a quarter inch space in between the weft threads for the next time.  And if it doesn’t drape well to use as a scarf or wrap, then I’ll use it as a table runner.

The other ball of Noro Nobori is waiting for me.  I didn’t use it on this, because even though the tags said it was the same lot and colour number, there were more pinks to it than purples.  So that will be another piece – a scarf or wrap again, maybe wider, and a little more looser.  That’s okay … these are all experiments and practice … and practice makes perfect!

A Noro Win !

I won!
With all the hustle and bustle of travelling for soccer tournaments, this was over-looked! Can you imagine that??

Aaargghh!!!! I can’t believe I over-looked that I won a box of Noro Silk Garden Lite yarn, with a complimentary copy of the premier issue of Noro knitting magazine from Knitting Fever Inc!!  How could I do that?  How could I? I should have been experimenting with this yarn already, trying out a project from the magazine (and most likely frogging it, so that I can try another project!)

I’ve read so much about this yarn, and while the reviews are mixed about working with it and the texture, I love the colours.  It seems as if they asked me personally what colours I want in a yarn, and then made it for me.  LOL  well, maybe not all the colour combinations, but pretty much most of it catches my eyes.   

*sigh* And now I’m going to be on a business trip to the other side of the world, and as much as I think and hope that I will have time to work on some crafting projects when I’m in the hotel room, somehow I know that it doesn’t work out that way most of the time.  I’ve already packed up skeins for the Special Olympics scarf project, as well as some sample skeins of Malabrigos yarn in Ravelry Red, Azul Profundo, and Marigold – oohh, primary colors! – to start up a new project while I’m there.  

Ambitious, aren’t I?  Do I really think I’ll have time to work on anything?

Noro Magazine

I had heard so much about Noro yarn from others, and when I checked out their website, I fell in love with the colours – all of them! Well, okay, maybe some more than others.
But the blends, the striping, the colour combinations – all of that put together and I just want to pick it up and start making something, anything with it – or just play with it.

I haven’t taken the plunge yet on buying Noro yarn – I’m trying to be good and finishing up (most) WIPs and trying to make a dent in my yarn stash first (to make room for when I start to buy Noro yarn 🙂 – but don’t tell my boys that).

(image from Noro Magazine website)

But with this premier issue of the Noro magazine, I don’t know how long I can last with this mini-resolution!
Before I buy any crochet/knit magazine, I have a look through the magazine first at the projects.  My criteria for actually buying a magazine is that I must like and want to make at least three projects.  Love at first sight and wow! factor helps too.  But looking through the preview of the magazine now, I’ve already oohed and aahed on several projects – ten of them! – without even reading the details and specs of the project.  I’m already planning on the hats and scarves for the small portable projects, and I’m just learning the entrelac, so that entrelac throw can be my practice piece:)  There’s the crochet hexagon throw as well, to satisfy my motif-joining project. 

That means that I’m definitely scouting bookstores and bookstands for the magazine when it comes out on June 5.

So, go ahead and have a look at their preview.  And be ready to feast your eyes.