Twinkly Orange and Purple

And we’re back!

Can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve been able to post on anything here.  Summer started, and everything suddenly started happening …

I had to take an office trip out of the country at the last minute and of course, that threw all the schedules off.  I did remember to pack two WIPs – one of which I frogged – and extra yarn, needles, hooks …

Since I’ve been back, I haven’t exactly been inspired to knit and crochet either.  I got some new yarn, and with ideas bubbling in my head of the projects that I wanted to work on, somehow, it didn’t work out.  After I started knitting or crocheting ten rows, it wasn’t looking right so I’ve been frogging more than working on anything.  I’m just working on finishing a WIP now.

One thing that I did finish before the trip was this Busco Gancho Lace shawl.  I finished it in time for the trip and used it throughout, and got many compliments on it 🙂  I haven’t seen the pattern released yet, so I’ll update this if and when it is released by the designer.

The yarn is SWTC Little Star in two colourways, and the sparkle in the yarn reminds me of twinkling stars.


Here’s what it looks like during blocking.  Since then, I haven’t been able to take any photos of the shawl after blocking, but you can see from these that the pattern makes for a nice drape.  I’ m already planning to make several in different colourways … soon as I get my cro-jo back …


Testing Yarns

When scrolling on the forums I would sometimes see posts calling for testers for a new pattern, and after looking at it for two seconds, I would scroll on.  Until a couple of weeks ago, when I seriously considered signing up as a tester for the designer Frank O’Randle.  He’s the one with the ‘Rings of Change’ series.  After reading through his tester requirements, I filed it in the back of my mind.  I didn’t think that I would be able to dedicate any amount of time and work on what he designs, however much I would like to be a tester for his designs, which are all beautifully intricate, which is what I like.

And then came a call to test a shawl pattern … and just for the heck of it, I wrote in and ‘auditioned’ … and got accepted!  What??  I hadn’t done much crocheting recently, but I guess from what they saw on my previous projects were enough for them?  Hmmm ….

So, that of course set off a frenzy to look for the right yarn … fingering weight.  *sigh*  That means that it’ll take me a while to finish this, although crocheting with fingering weight isn’t so bad as knitting with fingering weight for me. And as luck would have it, the NJ Wool Walk was going on last weekend.  More trouble …

I had some free time over the weekend, but I purposely didn’t go to any of the LYS on the Wool Walk.  I’m trying to stick to the budget, see, and going to the yarn stores is not going to help me stick to the budget, right?  But, since I know I didn’t have 1,100 yards of fingering weight yarn in my stash, I had to go and get some, right?  *sigh* good thing Sunday was the last day, and I could only visit two LYS’s …

So, here’s what’s been added to the stash …

At Patricia’s Yarns, I came across Madeleine Tosh Light – fast becoming my new favourite yarn to work with. I thought I could use these for the test pattern shawl. Love that deep blue (Stargazer) …

At Yarndezvous, I came across sparkling yarn … This green I knew right away that I wanted to make a scarf/wrap with it … And maybe I already have the pattern for it …

These are other colours that caught my eye, and will probably end up as accessories as well … Although now that I see them laid out, they all link to each other nicely.  Subconsciously, my brain had already matched them up.  So … now … maybe I can use these for the test pattern … hmmm … 

And these?  Well, I just had to get these … they looked so yummy and creamy and fresh and springy … I have no idea what to make with these, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something …


And there goes my budget …

Sunset Scarf

I was lucky enough to see beautiful sunsets while I was in Entebbe, Uganda, last year.

This was taken on the last night that I was there, and the colours changed after every few minutes or so.

Curls and Q suggested to make a scarf in the sunset’s colours so that I would remember the sunset.  And while surfing the internet one day, I ended up on Etsy … and this yarn!

Zoe’s Pendragon, from Shalimar Yarns.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  So of course I had to get it as soon as I saw the colours!


Did they see the sunset too?  Well, it certainly saved me time from looking for the yarn.


So I had to wind it up into a ball right away.  And I still like the colours; it might just work out into a nice scarf.  I find sometimes that once I wind up the hank into a ball, the colourways don’t turn out the same, specially if the colour changes are too short.


I only bought one hank – I can’t remember now why I did that.  I hope this one ball will be enough for a good-sized scarf.  Maybe a cowl.



*sigh* … Now I have to look for the right pattern to showcase these colours!  Any ideas?

Trip Projects

So, I narrowed down the projects to take with me during my trip to San Diego on the knit not-quite-entrelac scarf, and to start a new crocheted cowl with the lattice pattern.

I started crocheting even before take-off.  
This is how much I had done by the time I got to Charlotte for a stop-over.  Soon after take-off to San Diego, I crocheted for three hours on the plane.

During the week, I would either crochet or knit, depending on the mood.  I finished the one skein of yarn for the cowl, and would have gone on crocheting if I had brought another skein with me.  I think my tension is getting tight again, since it’s curling at the edges.  Something to work on with the next skein.

On our last night in San Diego, as we sat around the kitchen table chatting, I knitted as fast as I could (which wasn’t very fast) to finish up the skein that I had brought with me.  But with only about three yards left on the skein, we had to turn in for the early morning flight.  I did get a lot done, though.  This will also finish quickly, once I settle down and start up the WIPs again … after I catch up on what went on while I was away.