Poppy Fields

These were the colours that introduced me to Cascade Casablanca – Poppyfields.


I’d had the yarn all wound up for some time now, and was looking for the ‘perfect’ pattern to use it with.  But no one pattern really inspired me, but I wanted to work with it and so I picked up the ball of  yarn when we had a mini roadtrip for one of the soccer games.   Do you ever feel that?  You just want to play with the yarn, even though you don’t know what you’ll make out of it.  Maybe that’s why I have so many WIPs …

My fingers eventually settled on a pattern – what I call the biased basketweave pattern, and I thought that it would show up the colour changes nicely.   The pattern is actually called ‘Not Entirely Entrelac’, which I’d found while browsing for a good beginner pattern to learn entrelac.  I still have to complete an entrelac project, but in the meantime, I use this.

I’ve been working on this during the work commutes as well – and I’ve had to frog a few lines now and then, as we go into the tunnel and I’m plunged into darkness in the middle of a row.  Why I never remember to turn on the overhead lights, I don’t know.


I’m almost done with it.  I forgot that I had another skein, and didn’t make this wide enough for a cowl.  So maybe it’ll be a long scarf instead.   We’ll see where my mood takes me.

All Wound Up

Well, since I started to wind up the Pendragon yarn for my Sunset Scarf, I ended up having too much fun, and so I took out all the other hanks to wind up into balls.

This is Cascade Casablanca.  I wound up the first hank I pulled up by hand, and got tired.  It was a lot of yarn!


So I took out the manual (again) winder to wind up the other two hanks.  It wasn’t too bad; although there was too much yarn and it wouldn’t stay on the winder, so I just took it off and wound the remaining yards around the ball.


As I looked at the balls, I remembered that the Casablanca Poppy was so similar to yarn that I had before.  The Cascade Casablanca Poppy shades are a little deeper and darker, but they seem to be the same colour palette.  hmmmm … my eyes or my brains certainly pick out the same or similar colours, don’t they?


And so I kept on spinning, pulling out those hanks of yarn that I had purchased but didn’t have time to wind up before I went travelling last year.  There’s more hanks to wind up, but I can start with these.


Now I can start looking for patterns to go with these yarns, maybe try some new stitches …

Colourful Dance

A traditional Bolivian dance presentation.

I took this photo three years ago, and just submitted it to a Facebook group on Photos of the Day.  They selected it today as one of their runners-up, or honorable mention.  Yaaayyy!!  I must be doing something right, after all.  Lately I’ve not been liking the pictures that I take, but this was a good way to start the day and week.

Now, imagine putting all those colors together for a crochet/knit project!  oh wait … we do that all the time, don’t we?  lol

My Tapestry Blanket


Found one of my early projects. It started out as a scrapghan, and to try out a version of tapestry crochet. However, as usually happens with me, it turned out to be a major project, meaning that the colour sequence was not as random as the term ‘scrapghan’ would suggest.

If you notice, colour A is paired with colour B for four rows, then paired with colour C for another four rows. Dropping A, I continue with BC for another four rows, then drop B. The next four rows are colours CD. And so the sequence goes.

Since this was my first try at tapestry crochet and changing colours, I found out later that I was not doing the colour change correctly, i.e. drop A and pick up B to finish off the stitch, leaving B on the hook to start the next stitch. I was finishing off the stitch in one colour, then picking up the next colour. What resulted was a sort of wavy pattern, as seen from this angle.  At least I was consistent, that it came up with a pattern!

Now that I’ve unearthed it again … and my boys are rolling around in it on the living room floor … I think I’ll widen the border another inch or so, to use up my blue/navy blue leftover yarn.

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