Your Hobby is Action …

This popped up on my Facebook feed … and I immediately thought of yarn stashes.  Ok, so my yarn stash, specifically, and am I really collecting, or just accumulating?

” Your Hobby is Action, Not Accumulation “

But when I buy yarn, I’m not buying yarn to add to a collection, but to add to the ‘To-Be-Used’ pile to use for the ‘To-Try-This-Pattern’ list …


But I totally see where you cross over the line of accumulating, and not enough of the action, and you don’t even realize it.  
I wrote before that I felt that I’ve ‘graduated’ to the next level of yarn fibers … that I was ready to try new patterns that would mean a different set of fibers and yarn weights to use, if I wanted my finished projects to look like the photos in the patterns.
I’m moving away from the acrylics – not completely, but I do notice when I don’t feel the excitement of buying yarn because it came in a new colour.  I feel that excitement now more for the wool-based yarn, and the colours and combinations  I’m drawn to are mostly in the fingering and lace weights.  img_0517
I’m okay with fingering weights … I still think twice about working with lace weights.  It takes forever to finish project!  Not to mention how easy they tangle up when I frog …
Although I did recently purchase a Malabrigo lace weight yarn (the light grey-blue cake at the bottom of the picture).  When and what I do with it is a different story.
So … a new period of accumulation … errr action .. starts – I’m stocking up now on the wool yarn, and in different weights too.  And there will be an effort made in more action in using up the accumulation … There you go .. I already have a crafty resolution for the new year, even before the new year has started …

This is a long over-due post.  I started it before the cards came in, then when I got the cards I forgot I had this post.  So here it is, and the 10% discount is still good!

Thanks to What I’m Up To Today, I finally got some business cards/gift tags ordered from … plus a 10% discount!  yaaayy!!

These are for the charity/cause groups that I manage and coordinate.

Beware … they have other products that are too cute – like stickers!  I didn’t even think of that. I refrained from ordering those, but on hindsight, maybe I should have, since I won’t get a 10% discount if I do decide to get those later.  The discount is only available on your first purchase.  And for every person who clicks on the discount link here, and orders from them, I get some points to use towards the next purchase.  And when you order from them, you’ll get your own discount link to share with your friends and followers, and when they order, you’ll get your points … and so on.

So go over and have a look at their products … you’ll like them.

Painting Flowers


I finally got around to experimenting with colouring flowers. My son got white daffodils and roses for me, so that’s what I worked with. With food colouring ready, I pulled out glasses to place the flowers in.   As instructed, I trimmed the ends diagonnally under water.  Then I sliced about an inch and half up the stem.


This is how the red and green roses came out, after about 18 hours in the dye.



These were the blue and green daffodils.


I think the yellow rose turned out the best.  Well, it turned the white rose evenly yellow, no lines or spots.


For the second twenty-four hours, I moved all the flowers one glass over, to another colour.  It didn’t change much after that.  I don’t know if it was because the flowers weren’t so fresh, or that I didn’t have enough dye in the glasses.  Maybe next time I’ll shorten the stem – so maybe the dyes won’t have to travel far?  Or add more dye to the water.  In any case, I’m happy with how this first experiment turned out.  More ideas for the next one ….