Wool-Eater Motif CAL: Motif Towers

Long rides are good for churning out quick motifs like this one … well, as long as you’re not the one driving, that is!


I was enjoying making these, until I remembered that there was another two rounds to complete the motif, and that maybe I should start working on those!


So here’s my tower of motifs done so far.  These are really bright colours, aren’t they?  I don’t seem to notice how bright they are, until all put together like this.

I decided to play around with colour placement.  This is why I can never work on a scrap project … eventually, my brain wants to arrange it in some kind of colour sequence, or pattern, or design …


I still have to add the last round, which is the joining round.  I’ll be doing that in soft white, or cream.  That should work well to off-set these bright, neon colours.  That’ll be for the next long ride …

Wool Eater Motif CAL: Progress

Progress on the Wool Eater Motif CAL.


Well … sort of.

This was the original project for the CAL.   And yes, I still plan to continue this.   I’m an expert in the first two rounds of the motifs already  LoL!

Wool Eater Motif CAL

But there’s no progress on this one … I’m having too much fun with the bright neons one first!

The Year of the CALs

Aarrrgghhh!!  I finally started on the Wool Eater motifs for the Wool Eater Motif Blanket Crochet-Along with Sarah London, and just as I was getting into the swing of things, I lose the crochet hook!  aarrgghhh!!!

Wool Eater Motif CAL


I ran over to the nearest Walmart to get a replacement … and found none on the wall!  Actually, the wall was empty … don’t know if they’re rearranging, or if they’re closing down the crafts aisle??  And it happens to be one of those sizes for which I do not have spare ones of!!  Ay-yaaay …. I better get a replacement or else this CAL is going to be left behind or stowed away!!

For a long time, I would read about these crochet- or knit-a-longs, and wish that I could join in. Or even that I could work on the projects. I resisted, as I knew that I had too much going on, and would start the project with the very best of intentions to stick to it, and would eventually have to set it aside as Life 101 takes over.

Over the years, I would look at the projects that everybody was posting, and would think – How do they finish those projects so fast?  Are they working on it every day, all day?  I could barely get in one hour of uninterrupted time to work on anything.  By the time I settled down and figured out what I was doing to make any progress, time was up and I would have to put it down again.


This year, I saw a pattern I liked and saved it for a future project.  A couple of weeks later, the same pattern was the subject of a challenge.  I thought it would be a good time to join in, but again, there were too many things going on.  Looking at all the posts of the finished project, I was inspired by all the projects and thought to myself – I can do this.  If they can finish so fast, then it must not be a time-consuming hard pattern.  And so I joined the challenge, with one week to the deadline. Of course I didn’t finish the project – I needed another two or three days to put it together.  But even though it had a deadline to submit the finished project for the giveaway, (which then I wasn’t entered for), I could still submit the project to be included in a future publication.  And that was okay with me; I didn’t feel stressed or pressured to finish the project, and it was done.

Feeling encouraged that I was able to complete a challenge, what do I do?  I signed up for the next one.  And another one.  And another one.

Whaatt??  Now I’m over-doing it.  Here’s what I had signed up for.

Jane Crow – now this one I had signed up for since last year.  I eagerly awaited the first set of patterns to be sent out.  We’re going on to the third month of patterns.  And I haven’t started on the first month yet.

A Block a Month CAL, on Ravelry.  Two 12-inch squares and one 6-inch filler square to make a month.  Or just make one a month.  Haven’t started on that either.

And I think there’s another one that I signed up for, but I can’t remember what it is.  *sigh*

I’m still working on the Deep Ocean Stormy Waves over at The Crochet Crowd.  At least that’s started, and almost halfway done … with 11 days to go to the deadline.  That’s what I should be working on, instead of starting a new one … I’m hopeless, aren’t I?