2017 SO Scarf Project: The Last Four

And suddenly, we’re down to the last four states in the last two weeks of the 2017 Special Olympics Scarf Project.

Alaska, New Hampshire, South Dakota and Washington.

All have deadlines at the end of the month.

If you are able to – and can knit or crochet fast ūüôā – there’s still time to whip up a scarf or earwarmer and send it on to them.

Complete info can be found on this 2017 SO Scarf Project.

Thanks to all who helped and supported this cause.


2016 SO Scarf Project: One State Done!

SO Iowa is the first state to meet their goals of 600 items for the 2016 Special Olympics Scarf Project. They sure have a lot of active crafters in Iowa!



There’s three other states with deadlines coming up in December – SO Arkansas for earwarmers/headbands only; SO Oklahoma, SO Tennessee, SO North Carolina. ¬†And then what I like to call the Red and White states – all have the red and white combination as their chosen colours – SO North Carolina with a deadline in December 2015, and SO Indiana, SO Nebraska, SO Maine with deadlines in January 2016.

Crunch time … with the end of year festivities and holidays, there won’t be much time to pick up hook and yarn. ¬†Even now I’m pressed for time to even get a row done …

Anyway, please do help spread the word on the Scarf Project, and maybe we can give this a kickstart before the end of year activities buries us all.

Complete information can always be found here.

Or join us over on Facebook and Ravelry (links on the right bar).

See you there!

2016 Special Olympics Scarf Project

2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project: Summer Lull

I know it’s the height of summer, and working on winter items is the complete opposite of what we want to do. ¬†I know that I am inspired to work with wools and winter items when there’s a cool nip in the air, and cooler winds are blowing in. ¬†I also know that I don’t knit or crochet fast enough to finish a scarf or shawl in time for the cold winds. ¬†Well, except for hats, but really, how many hats can you wear at a time?

Anyway, I’m seriously starting up on winter items now. ¬†Specially for the Special Olympics 2015 Winter Games. ¬†The wonderful crafters over at the Facebook Knit and Crochet for a Cause¬†were better than¬†me – some have been plugging away with scarves, headbands, earwarmers, hats for the participating state program.

Like this beautiful earwarmer – my eyes always light up when I see this. ¬†I think it’s that button that draws my eyes. Thanks so much for your beautiful work, Phyllis!

so tennessee earwarmers4


So far, we have fourteen states participating in the 2015 Scarf Project. ¬†We may hear back from two or three other states, but since they haven’t replied to my emails, then maybe they’re not interested. ¬†We have enough to work on for now, anyway, but there’s also a little bit of regret that they choose not to continue participation.

These are the states participating this year.  If you see a state for whom you may want to support, or maybe just because you like the colour combination chosen by a state, you are more than welcome to make an item or two and send it on.
Complete details and information can be found here, and in the Facebook and Ravelry page links on the sidebar.

2015 KC4SO

2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project: Utah and Nebraska

It may be the hot summer months now (well, for the most part – I know that there’s been some cold winds in some states recently) – but the Scarf Project for the 2015 SO Winter Games is¬†in full swing.

SO Utah has announced their colours – Royal Blue and Lime Green.

SO Nebraska has joined for the first time, and are asking for 30 Red and White hats.

2015 KC4SO


Come on over and join us!






2015 Special Olympics Scarf Project: Iowa

SO Iowa is the latest state to announce their colours for the 2015 SO Scarf Project – Claret and Aran.

The colour swatches from Red Heart shows that it’s a very dark wine red. ¬†Not quite burgundy. ¬†I thought claret was more of a deeper red. ¬†Oh well … now I’ll have to get to a yarn shop and find out what this claret really looks like !

Come on over and join us make scarves for special athletes!

Click on the link at the sidebar for more information and details on the project.

2015 KC4SO - July 2014







Special Olympics 2014 Scarf Project: All Done !

The last of the 2014 Special Olympic Winter Games were held last weekend, and with that, the 2014 SO Scarf Project is done!

Thank you to all the crafters out there who generously contributed your time and skills to make a scarf for the athletes!

Looking forward to seeing you back for the 2015 Scarf Project … Yes, we’ve started that already, with five states already announcing their colours! ¬†More on that later … for now, we’ll take a break and a rest …

2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project

Special Olympics 2014 Scarf Project: The Final Four

The final four …¬†only four state programs with deadlines in February and March: ¬†South Dakota on 20 February; Utah and Washington on 21 February; and Alaska on 1 March.

This scarf is for SO Utah – Dark Orchid and White/Aran.


Sorry for poor quality again – the only time I have time to take photos is at night. ¬†Mornings are such a rush, even on weekends. ¬†And if I don’t take the picture and post soon, it’ll never get posted …

Anyway, I decided to do this in crochet tapestry. ¬†It’s just a simple three dc in orchid; change yarn to white and 3dc in white; change yarn to orchid, all the way to the end. ¬†Crochet in the pattern for three rows, then alternate the colours for another three rows.


The whites ended up looking like stars, or snowflakes, which was a delight to see. ¬†I had almost given up on the pattern, it was starting to feel a little tedious to me, so I broke up the pattern and crocheted three rows of dc, before starting up the pattern again. ¬†It doesn’t look so bad now. ¬†I’m thinking to alternate that with white as well, but we’ll see where my whimsical mind takes me. ¬†I’ve got so much on my mind these days, that even though I start off with a pattern in mind, it changes three inches into the project …

We’re making a big push this last week to get scarves done and sent to the four states. Complete information can be found on this page.