SFSO 2012: Scarves for SO-South Dakota

Last year I found out a little late about the Scarves for Special Olympics 2012 project, and only had time to make five scarves, all of which I sent to SO-South Dakota.

My boys were asking if anybody was using the scarves that I made (cheeky, aren’t they?).   In SOSD’s thank you note, they mentioned that they were putting together a presentation on the 2012 project.  I finally got the link to the project.   

I’ll show the boys the presentation later.  I see scarves with similar designs that I made, but I don’t think any of my scarves made the presentation.  Maybe next time.

<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”http://www.slideshare.net/jtmamma/2012-scarf-project-sd&#8221; title=”2012 scarf project sd” target=”_blank”>2012 scarf project sd</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”http://www.slideshare.net/jtmamma&#8221; target=”_blank”>Special Olympics South Dakota</a></strong> </div>

SO-South Dakota has also decided to participate in our group’s Special Olympics State Scarf Project 2013.

Come on over and join us.   Links to the Facebook and Ravelry pages are on the sidebar.   It’ll be a lot of fun.

SFSO 2013 Update

Well … the only update is that there is still no announcement on the colours for the Scarves for Special Olympics 2013.

But I just called up Coats and Clark, the sponsor of the Red Heart yarns, and they said that an announcement is expected to be made by end-week (which is tomorrow! ).  If not, then early next week.   Keeping my fingers crossed that the announcement is tomorrow!


So, some progress!  I can take out my SFSO project lists again.

List of patterns – check!

List of websites for more ideas – check!

 List of colour combinations – check!






Can’t wait to start ….

My goals for the SFSO 2013:

1)    is to make more than the five that I completed for last year – that should be easy enough;

2)   finish at least two scarves a month – that should give me enough time in between everything else, and have enough to send out;

3)   practise my knitting – so I’m trying out new knitting patterns;  (good luck to me!)

And I’ll be documenting all that here, so stay tuned!

Scarves for Special Olympics 2013

September 2012 Update:  although Special Olympics International and Red Heart have concluded the project, a group of crafters have continued the project with individual state programs.   The latest updated information on this project can be found here



The colors for the Scarf Project for the USA Special Olympics 2013 should be announced any time soon.

Apparently there’s been some delay, either with them or with Red Heart, the yarn sponsor for the project, so the colors haven’t been announced yet.

It hasn’t stopped people from checking their Facebook page everyday to find out if the colors have been announced.  I’ve been checking in every now and then – sometimes twice a day!  LOL!  so that I can get started early.

My goal is to make more than the five scarves I made last year.  So I’m making sure that I find out  the colors early enough, so that I can start early.

I’ve written down the scarf patterns that I want to try making for the project, and still looking for new patterns.  I’ve even written out all the possible color combinations that can be made for each pattern.  And the spreadsheet is ready for when the states, the number required, and the deadline dates are announced, so that I can keep track of the project.  I’ll be posting updates on what I’m working on, so that will help keep me working on it.

Now, if they would only announce the colors, then I can add it to my to-do list and get started …

Kaleidescope in Pebble

  Christopher liked this scarf I had made for the Special Olympics … so he asked me to make one for him in grey and white …

Given a reason to buy yarn 🙂 I went looking for yarn … 

… and found some new ones to experiment with … Kaleidescope in Pebble!