Special Olympics Scarf Project: Success for 2015 and On to 2016

The 2015 SO Scarf Project was a success!

–  11 out of 15 states completed …
– 11 colour combinations …
– 12 months later …
– 8,032 scarves, hats, headbands, earwarmers …
– Thousands of warm athletes …
The 2015 SO Scarf Project is done !

Well done, everybody!
Congratulations !

And now, on to the 2016 Scarf Project!

Eleven participating states have already announced their colours.  That gives us all enough time to meet their goal totals.  And as a bonus, most are also accepting winter wearables – hats, headbands, earwarmers, which are all quick, easy and portable projects.  I think we’re in good shape again for another successful year on the SO Scarf Project.

Please do also tell your other crafty friends about the project and join in the fun.  Updates can always be found here, or you can join our Facebook page – Knit and Crochet for a Cause – and the Ravelry group – Special Olympics State Scarf Project – for information and chat with other fellow crafters.

2016 KC4SO

Isn’t it exciting?

Special Olympics 2015 Scarf Project: We’re Off and Running!

Yes … the Special Olympics 2015 Scarf Project has started!
I’m excited for this, and for the first time, optimistic that we will meet the state program goals for the items they requested.  With the previous years, I knew that we would meet the goals for two or three state programs, and certainly not for those with the large amounts requested.

But this year is different.  Seven – yes, seven! – state programs have announced their colours early!  Oh, it is so good to get started on these … before the summer holidays start … the new school year begins … the crafting for Christmas gifts … then the holiday chaos starts … and before you know it, the new year has started, and the deadlines are upon us.  At least, with these seven – and maybe more will announce colours before the summer starts – we can work on these all year long.  If others announce their colours later in the year, we’ll have enough time to work on those.

2015 KC4SO March 2014




So, if you’re in between projects, or want to make something quick, or need a portable project to take with you … here’s one that’s no stress.  Knit or crochet a scarf or headband for a Special Athlete.

Join us over on Facebook or Ravelry, and post your pictures.  It’ll be fun.


2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project: Winter Games

Many 2014 Special Olympics Winter Games took place over the last two weekends, while more will be taking place throughout this month. The last state program (Alaska) will hold their winter games in early March.

Here’s some photos of the athletes and their scarves, which were made by crafters from all over the US.  Maybe some from abroad too.

SO Texas received 1,350 scarves, and all who wanted a scarf received one.  Yaaayyy !  That is good news indeed, as they had the largest numbers to meet.  Here’s a collage and a written thank you note from an athlete.

SO Texas scarves

Photo courtesy of Special Olympics Texas

Seeing all the scarves worn by the SO Kansas athletes and how good they look, I am inspired again to make more scarves.  To see more photos of SO Kansas athletes and their games, click here

SOKansas scarf

Picture courtesy of Special Olympics Kansas

SO Kentucky received a final count of 905 scarves, which was more than their goal.  There was a really big push by the crafters in the last week, and they ended up getting almost twice more than their goal!

Picture courtesy of SO Kentucky

Picture courtesy of SO Kentucky

This diagonal pattern scarf for SO Wyoming caught my attention … I want to try making one of those now!  To see more photos of SO Wyoming and their opening ceremony celebration, click here.

sowyoming scarf6
I am struck once again that the scarves do not need to be a complicated stitch or pattern to look good … even stripes in two or three colours look great anywhere!

Photo courtesy of Special Olympics Indiana

Photo courtesy of Special Olympics Indiana

And that’s only a few of the states that participated in this year’s Scarf Project.  At last count, crafters have knitted or crocheted 3,488 scarves for the project, with more being made by the end of the month.  That’s a good feeling … it really shows how generous crafters are.

And more good news … Four states have already announced that they will be participating in next year’s Scarf Project!  So if you didn’t get a chance to make a scarf for this year’s Games, there’s next year’s project to work on.  So come on over and join us!



2014 Special Olympics: Jamie Anderson and a Mention

My blog page on the Special Olympics Scarf Project was mentioned in Knitting Daily!

They had an article about Olympic athlete Jamie Anderson, a professional snowboarder who will be competing in the Sochi Games next month.

jamie anderson

Jamie Anderson – Image courtesy of Knitting Daily

She crochets, and her favourite projects are accessories – hats and scarves!  That’s her in the picture, wearing one of the hats she crocheted.

There’s a link on the box on the right about more information on the Special Olympics Scarf Project – that’s me!  So many thanks to Knitting Daily  for helping to spread the word about the project. Perhaps next year, more state programs will participate – and we’ll have enough crafters to meet their goals.

Come on over and join us – we have until March 1st to help the state programs meet their goals!

And good luck to Jamie in her search for gold!





2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project: January Deadlines

2014 is here and the Winter Games are coming up !
After the chaos of the holiday season, I started looking through the numbers and yikes!!  The first January deadline is for Wyoming, coming up on 15 January!  That’s two weeks away!  Time to get those hooks and needles busy.

Here’s the list of the January deadlines.  These numbers are from early December, so I’ll hopefully get some updated numbers by next week.  In the meantime, we need all the help we can get to meet these goals, or come close to what they want.  Complete details can be found on this page.

WYOMING Red and Silver – any shade of red and silverColour suggestions:RH Classic Cherry Red (0912)
RH Classic Silver (0142)

RH SS Cherry Red
RH SS Light Grey (0341)

KANSAS RH SS Cherry Red (0319)
RH SS Black (0312)
KENTUCKY RH Soft Off White (4601)
RH Soft True Green (9621)
RH SS Aran (0313)
RH SS Hunter Green (0389)
ARKANSAS RH SS Spring Green and AranORRH SS Cherry Red (0319) and
Grey Heather (0400)
DELAWARE RH SS Cherry Red (0319) and Black (0312)
RH Soft Cherry Red (5142) and Black (4614)
RH Super Soft Really Red (5142) and Black (4614)
RH Super Soft Really Red (9925) and Black (0414)
TEXAS RH SS Cherry Red (0319)
RH SS Black (0312)
INDIANA RH SS Soft Navy (387)
RH SS Cherry Red (319)
RH SS White (311)OR

RH Soft Navy (4004)
RH Soft Really Red (9925)
RH Soft White (4600)


Here are some of what our group on Facebook have made.  Aren’t they great?

Come on over and join us, either on  Facebook or on Ravelry (links at the sidebar).

2014 Special Olympics Scarf Project: SO Tennessee is Complete!

Another SO state program has met their goal … SO Tennessee has received over 200 headbands for their 2014 Winter Games! 

Woo-hoo!  Isn’t that great?  Those headbands are looking great! 

Headbands by Ruth Bradshaw Hershey

Headbands by Ruth Bradshaw Hershey


And you know what else is great?  They’ve already decided on the colors for the next Winter Games in 2015.  This time the colors will be Red Heart Super Saver Black 0312 and Bright Yellow 0324.   Plenty of time to start on those next year. 

In the meantime, we have other states still waiting to meet their goals.  Full details can be found here

Thanks for your help and support! 



2014 SO Scarf Project: SO Iowa has Reached their Goal

The first SO state program to reach their goal:  SO Iowa!

Great job, everyone!



These are some of the scarves and headbands made by the group members over at Knit and Crochet for a Cause on Facebook.

Head on over there and join us make scarves for the other participating states.  There’s more to be done.

Information and details can always be found here.