Looking Ahead to Summer

Spring is making half an appearance this year, so I’m skipping ahead to summer¬† ūüôā

Looking through my closet, I was thinking that I should update my wardrobe with a couple of new tops.¬† Except that I knew I wouldn’t have much time to go browsing the stores and aisles in the mall, and finances are kind of tight this year – very tight.¬† And the flashbulb went off in my head … why not crochet summer tops instead?¬† Surely I would find enough skeins of yarn in the stash for that … And crochet clothing is coming back into fashion, right?

Found crochet thread size 3 in the stash!¬† Can’t remember what I bought it for – maybe it was for a top that I was thinking of.¬† So I started with that, with a simple top-down pattern.¬† I kept thinking that this would be more suited for a beach cover-up, but we’ll see how that goes.¬† I’m kind of stuck at this point, at the moment … Not sure what to do next, but I’m probably just going to continue in the pattern.

Digging through the stash, I found this grey-white yarn that has also seen many starts and froggings.¬† Since I couldn’t find a pattern I liked that went with the yarn, I figured I might as well make this into another crochet top.¬† hmmm … except this is ruffling a bit much.¬† More adjusting to be , as this is going to end up big and fluffy on top … I hope I don’t have to frog again ….

And finally, another yarn that’s seen lots of starts and frogging.¬† The yarn was getting frayed, and a little washed out.¬† It had to be made into something.¬† Instead of crocheting top-down, these are front and back panels, that will joined at the shoulders and sides, and sleeves added.¬† It’s going to look kind of boxy, now that I’ve laid it out flat.¬† Next time, I’ll make it more fitted, or at least with a waistline.¬† Or maybe I should just follow patterns …

So that’s my obsession at the moment.¬† And then I’ll be ready for summer ….


Crochet Sightings

Crochet sighting on the streets.

I’m seeing more crochet vests (waist and knee-length) out on the streets. ¬†This one was interesting because of the big circle on the back. ¬†Maybe I can make something like this for me for next summer.




I noticed the hat on this woman right away, it was so colourful.  It was a warm day, and this looked like wool.




This isn’t really crochet – it just looks like it. ¬†It’s a printed blouse, but the design reminded me of crocheted motifs.




Crochet’s finally catching on in the fashion world!



Knitting Scarves from Around the World ¬Ľ Knit Picks Blog

Knitting Scarves from Around the World ¬Ľ Knit Picks Blog.

Looks like an interesting book!

I’ve always liked scarves, and am just starting to explore all the different ways and patterns to make one.

This¬†Min Ulla Norwegian scarf caught my eye right away; it looks similar to my doodles when I was in grade school; I didn’t know that you could use those same doodles as a pattern for a scarf! ¬†wow! ¬†

Now I have another project in mind …¬†

I need more hours in a day to work on all these projects and ideas running through my mind! 

P.S. ¬†I read on the comments from the original post that there were lots of mistakes in the patterns in the book. ¬†If you’re planning on making one of these, it might be better to wait for the second (or third?) edition printing of the book before buying it.¬†