More Beach Cover-Ups

Here’s the results of my phase on beach cover-ups … sorry for the dark and blurry pics, but I couldn’t wait for daylight to take pics …

This pattern is based on the Asos crochet tunic.  Never heard of it, but apparently it’s been quite popular.  The pattern that I found is a reverse-engineered version.  I had to fiddle with the pattern and experiment, because there were some steps missing in the pattern or I didn’t quite understand what it was saying , and I had to frog several times.  In the end, I just used the basic pattern and winged it.  Other than the tunic being way bigger and wider than I wanted – which you can’t really see from the picture – it’s turned out quite nice.

Since this was more of an experiment, and now that I knew the basics of the pattern, I started another one.  Yes, I can get obsessed with a pattern, making several items based on the pattern in different colours or sizes.

This time, I made sure to make the torso/body smaller, but I still forgot about making the sleeves narrower too. No matter, I’ll just tweak and decrease about two inches from the shoulder so that it’s not so wide.  I’m almost done with this, just in time before we leave.

purple yellow

And I’m all set for the beach !

See you all later!



Minion Mania

So … this is a project a year late. The movie came out last year (?), and I saw minion patterns and finished minions springing out all over. So I commented about it and showed the boys … and was promptly requested to make one for them.

Huh?? The boys are asking me? to crochet them something?? What’s happening? Is the world spinning around too fast?

Well, I was a little delighted that they actually think I’m good enough (now!) to be able to make a minion … Well, of course I can read instructions … I should be able to make one with no problem! Right?  So I bought the fiberfill stuffing, and the yarn.  And there they sat in the corner, until some months ago, when I was watching WIPs waiting to be picked up again, and yarn that I was itching to start playing with … and I decided maybe I should try to make a minion instead.

This little fellow took me about a half day to make.  Crocheting the different body parts didn’t take me long.  Stuffing him didn’t take long.  Putting him together?  Well, that was a different story.



My first try at putting the parts together ended up sort of crooked, said the boys.  Even the mouth was crooked.  Really?  So I took him apart, and put him together again … body part by body part.  *sigh*  In the end, I got him together the way the boys liked it.

Good thing too.  I settled for one big eye, instead of two.  I was getting tired.  I see a jogged line, where the colour change happened.  No, I didn’t want to unravel all that to make a seamless colour join.  I didn’t have felt to make the eyes.  So I crocheted them instead.  The eye doesn’t quite look round, but it’s going to have to stay that way.  Put together like this, they didn’t mind all that.  They have a minion.  And who has claimed this as their own?  Hubby.  Now I have to make another one for the boys, this time with two eyes.  *another sigh*  Now I know why amigurumi doesn’t appeal to me …

So I started a minion hat instead …




Hooking to Relax

How do I know when I’m stressed out and anxious?

Because I just want to sit and play with yarn … crochet … knit … go through the stash … several skeins of yarn out so that I can work on several ideas at once, if that’s possible … start on the CALs and KALs …

It’s been a hectic and stressful week … late nights and early mornings. Hubby has left on a business trip … for one year … oh, that’s not a business trip anymore … ok, it’s a work assignment. We’ll see each other every three or four months, but the stressful days leading up to his departure has suddenly caught up to me. You know that feeling when some kind of weight is suddenly off your shoulders, and you’re left with a feeling that you need to do something? anything? Well, that was it for me.

I had been planning to start something new for National Crochet Month, but haven’t gotten around to it. So I think I’m just going to start small first, and eventually get inspired for the project for National Crochet Month.

So, I picked up hook and yarn, and was determined to relax … make something, anything, and create. And this is what I have come up … earwarmers for the Special Olympics Scarf Project.

Red and White for SO Arkansas.

Black and Yellow for SO Tennessee

I’m on a roll … and I’ve got ideas scrambling around inside my head.  I just can’t crochet fast enough to finish one and start on another idea … I think I’m in one of those frenzy zones, when I have to crochet something before the energy and the adrenaline runs out and when it does, working on projects slows down … 

Am I relaxed yet?  Nope …  my brain just flashed another design idea and my fingers are itching to pick up hook and yarn again …

Colour Inspiration

On my annual visit to the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden, I came across this beautiful orchid with gorgeous colours.


This is my new colour obsession for the year.


Beautiful, aren’t they?


So … what shall we make using these colours?  A scarf?  Cowl?  Shawl?

Pineapple Upside Down Throw

Finally done!

The boys said that it looked like a pineapple upside-down cake.  And so they have named it.


Since it didn’t make the deadline, I added another row to make it longer.  I also added a border around – the boys wanted that, for some reason.


The round of RH Chili didn’t show up well against the RH Cherry Red yarn.  I thought that it would be a nice contrast and blend in.  Guess it blended in too well.


The contrast shows up better here, against the RH Gold.  


I am thinking of making another one, in different colours, and different placement, etc.  Another day … I have another CAL that I haven’t even started on, and we’re in the second month already!


If you want some inspiration, check out
The Crochet Crowd gallery of the Octagon and Square Throw Challenge.  

When Inspiration Hits

… Or impulsiveness ?

Mikey’s Crochet Afghan Club is having an Octagon and Squares Afghan challenge, based on a Red Heart pattern.

It ends in five days.  And I told myself when it started that I wouldn’t have time to work on this, because I had so many things going on.  And yet, as I looked through the postings of the completed afghans, I wanted to jump in and make one as well.


And so two nights ago, I started pulling out whatever yarn I had to mix and match colours.  


And started making center motifs, with a vague idea of what I wanted it to look like. 


I completed a square, which wasn’t looking too bad, with the colour choices that I finally decided on. 


I quickly completed two octagons and then joined them together to see how it would work.


Hmmm … not sure I’m liking this combination or colour sequence.   What do you think?

But I can’t switch it all around now, I’ll run out of time and probably yarn.  Perhaps when everything is put together and all done, it  will look better.  It’s not a judging competition, anyway; the winner is going to be picked by a random number.  So I can always plan the colours and pattern for the next one …

Will I finish this in time for the deadline next Wednesday, the 20th?  Stay tuned …

All Wound Up

Well, since I started to wind up the Pendragon yarn for my Sunset Scarf, I ended up having too much fun, and so I took out all the other hanks to wind up into balls.

This is Cascade Casablanca.  I wound up the first hank I pulled up by hand, and got tired.  It was a lot of yarn!


So I took out the manual (again) winder to wind up the other two hanks.  It wasn’t too bad; although there was too much yarn and it wouldn’t stay on the winder, so I just took it off and wound the remaining yards around the ball.


As I looked at the balls, I remembered that the Casablanca Poppy was so similar to yarn that I had before.  The Cascade Casablanca Poppy shades are a little deeper and darker, but they seem to be the same colour palette.  hmmmm … my eyes or my brains certainly pick out the same or similar colours, don’t they?


And so I kept on spinning, pulling out those hanks of yarn that I had purchased but didn’t have time to wind up before I went travelling last year.  There’s more hanks to wind up, but I can start with these.


Now I can start looking for patterns to go with these yarns, maybe try some new stitches …